HAPPY BLOGGERVERSARY, Tantalizing Tuesdays!


Hi, friends.. Rosie (AKA Lizzie/Writing4Roses) here… & I’m taking the blog for ransom again!


So, I was browsing through the site and realized that Tantalizing Tuesday has had a bloggerversary! Yep, it’s true and official: our beloved TT has turned one year old!!! … she ain’t what she used to be… what a hussy! LOL

Aww… She’s all grown up with a tiara and ready to look at some pics of hot dudes! LOL Well, you know what that means… SEXY PICTURES (& a few silly ones thrown in, too! You know me… I can’t resist!)


Alright, ladies, one big stretch to get us started…


Who wants dessert? You can have your (beef)cake & eat it, too! OHMY!



Dudes in underpants? Looks like fun… LOL


Ready for us in a big red bow!




Sexy tattoos for Stefter!


Believe it or not, the grammar really bothers me in this pic… but it was too cute not too share! LOL


You know what they say about a man who sparkles…. VAMPIRE.


SHAKE IT! Let’s dance, ladies! ❤


SEXY! LOL I’m sorry… this last one just cracks me up!

Again, I say, I can’t believe it’s already been a year! I have so much fun being about of Tantalizing Tuesdays so big thanks to Stefter for letting me join in on the fun! 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed the sexy yet silly pics!

Have a great day, everyone!

*All pics found on Google Images

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