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HAPPY BLOGGERVERSARY, Tantalizing Tuesdays!


Hi, friends.. Rosie (AKA Lizzie/Writing4Roses) here… & I’m taking the blog for ransom again!


So, I was browsing through the site and realized that Tantalizing Tuesday has had a bloggerversary! Yep, it’s true and official: our beloved TT has turned one year old!!! … she ain’t what she used to be… what a hussy! LOL

Aww… She’s all grown up with a tiara and ready to look at some pics of hot dudes! LOL Well, you know what that means… SEXY PICTURES (& a few silly ones thrown in, too! You know me… I can’t resist!)


Alright, ladies, one big stretch to get us started…

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Rosie’s Ransom: Happy Birthday, @Stefter!

You’re 21!!!! … Right?!

*taps mic* Is this thing on? *hears feedback* Yep, still workin’!

Guess what, you guys?!  A little birdie told me its someone special’s birthday!  Guess whooooo….. *looks up at post title*  Oh… LOL

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Rosie’s Ransom: Get Well Soon, @Stefter!

Hi, everyone!

‘Wait… where’s my Tantalizing Tuesday?’  I hear you asking that, trust me & I want to know the same.  I’m here to tell you what’s up!

Hey, it’s W4R (ya know, Writing4Roses AKA Rosie…) here!  [*thinks out loud to self* Damn, I have too many nicknames.. I need to nip that in the bud!!  LOL]

So, I interrupt our regularly scheduled Tantalizing Tuesday to say there won’t be one today.  *hears collective gasp*  Aww… I know, but Stefter isn’t feeling well, so I’m hacking [see: logging in] & taking over the blog LOL

In turn, I’m posting some pretty stuff for her to see in hopes it helps her feel better!

2 cute kitties fighting… why is that so cute? LOL

“Get well soon, Stefter!”

What a pretty flower! Just for you, bb!

And of course, this wouldn’t be Stefter’s blog without a little bit of Rob to brighten her OUR day, right?!

“Remember the days when Stefter felt well & would post naughty pics of me…?  Ahhh, yes, those are the days…”

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