So many books…!!!



As someone who has a very, very, very long to read list (1,884 at this moment.  DON’T JUDGE ME!) I sometimes have a really hard time deciding what I will read next.

Sometimes it’s a no brainer.  For instance, if a book is released and I have been waiting for it for a while or I’m super excited about it, I will just ignore all other books, sometimes even putting the one I’m reading aside and dive right in.  Kristen Ashley books are definitely this for me.

Other times it’s a painstaking exercise of going through my to read list to try to pick one that strikes my fancy, or it’s a group decision made with my book besties so we can read it together.

I’m curious.  How do you choose what you’ll read next?  Do you follow your to read list or just pick at random? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!

remember me

Robert Pattinson in Remember Me:  Is he having trouble choosing a book?


Robert Pattinson from Vanity Fair photoshoot: Looks like he found one.


*Note:  Robert Pattinson pics found on Google.

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6 responses to “So many books…!!!

  • Attraversiamo

    I think reading e-books makes it harder, to be honest. Back in the day you’d finish a book and visit a book store or library to make your next choice. Now, we have large lists of “To be read” books and it’s so difficult to choose! Though, I completely agree – any time KA publishes a book, it deserves to be moved right up that list!

    • Stefter

      I completely agree! I’m sure my to read list wasn’t as big before ebooks and Goodreads. Prior to Goodreads I would choose what to read from whatever I found on the shelf at the bookstore and/or library. Now I can see so many books on Goodreads and I WANT THEM ALL! 😝

  • @eBook_Girl

    I have no system for choosing. I ask your help sometimes. Lol

  • vickij12

    I also have a TBR pile in the 1000s!! I don’t get a lot of reading time, and I’m not particularly fast either, both of which make the situation worse. I tend to pick my next read at random 🙂

  • Shay

    I must admit that i stopped reading for a bit. I once had all the time in the world but my life took a turn for the better and now I’ve no time but i make the time for jr ward. She is the only one that read when a new book comes out.

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