Tantalizing Tuesdays: John Taylor

It’s Tuesday! And i’t’s a special Tuesday to me!!

Last Monday (Oct 29/12), I was lucky enough to go to a book signing by none other than Duran Duran’s John Taylor [W4R:  *gasps* Waahhhhhhhaaatttt?!  LOL I totally knew… I just like acting surprised! LMAO!].  A few weeks ago, I found out he wrote a memoir.  Of course, I had to read it even though I don’t normally read biographies (I actually hate reading biographies). [W4R: Ahhh… the things we do for these Brits!]

The same day I found out about his book I found out he’d be in Toronto for a book signing.  I don’t know if you can imagine the amount of squeeeeing caused by my cousin Stella and I.  The idea of being across a table from the first Brit boy I ever loved [you all know that Rob is the second Brit boy I every loved] made me all giddy with excitement.  Even though I did meet him very briefly back in the late 1980’s (courtesy of my friend Sandra), this was different.  This was looking at him up close and personal and listening to him talk. *sigh*

As I was sitting there listening to him speak and read excerpts from his book, the 15-year-old girl who still lives inside of me was in complete awe.  I couldn’t believe I was so close to him.  Now don’t laugh, but at one point I almost thought I was going to cry.  It was all very exciting and I had a great time.

I’m quite sure that John needs no introduction, but here are some deets.

Name: Nigel John Taylor
Birthplace: Birmingham, England
Birthday: June 20, 1962
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Eyes:  Brown
Hair: Brown

John is most well-known as the bass player for Duran Duran.  He is one of the founding members of the band.  Duran Duran has been around since 1978 and are still touring and recording.

There’s so much more I could say but I’m sure you are all mostly familiar with him.

I absolutely love this pic. It is presently the wallpaper on my phone.

[W4R:  Wow.. this is a great pic of him!]

I know smoking is a bad bad thing but damn he was so hot!!!

If you’ve ever been to a Duran Duran concert, when you see this pic, you just want to chant: Play the fucking bass, John!!!!

THAT jaw!!!!!

[W4R:  Black shirt alert!!! LOL #HappyPlace]


John and Simon. That laugh that used to make me crazy.

He’s ageing rather well.

[W4R:  *white noise* I interrupt this post to bring you Rosie’s Top 4:  Duran Duran songs!  To show what is truly awesome about Mr. John Taylor himself (& co.)!]

Rosie’s #4 Duran Duran song:


[W4R: This is just a fun song, you can’t help but sing along with the chorus… 😉

Rosie’s #3 Duran Duran song:

Hungry Like The Wolf

[W4R: This was the jam back in the day… Probably one of their most recognized songs!

Rosie’s #2 Duran Duran song:

Come Undone

[W4R: I remember going to bed and doing my homework to this song. #ReallyDatingMyself LOL I’m a young spry chicken, really LOL

Rosie’s #1 Duran Duran song:

Ordinary World

[W4R: #TrueFax – This song used to make me cry… still kinda takes me to that place whenever I hear it. #ThatsNormal right? LOL]

This is one of the pics that adorned my bedroom wall. *sigh*

[W4R: I love those black & white photos!]

This is how he looked in 1984, when I saw him at Maple Leaf Gardens, where they filmed the video for ‘The Reflex’. That big smile gets me every time!!!!

Still so very yummy!!!!

[W4R: Lookin’ good, Mr. Taylor!]

This is probably one of the most classic JT pics. This one definitely formed part of the Duran Duran wallpaper that decorated my teenage bedroom.

This pic was taken by my friend Donna Katchorick at the book signing last week. His smile still…..GAH!!!!!

Another pic by Donna Katchorick. It really was the biggest rush to see him in that setting.

[W4R:  Awwww, I’m so happy for you, T!]

Here’s a teaser for next week:

*All pics obtained from Google Images

**Pics by Donna Katchorick used with permission.

***Writing4Roses is kind enough to look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts (and to add the odd witty comment every here and there).

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