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Wordless Wednesday


Rainbow over Toronto

*pic from Google Images

**Thank you to kiTT for tweeting the GandyCandy so that it was the first thing I saw when I woke up!

Am I Tapping Into My Inner Teenager?

I promised myself that this blog would NOT be about Rob… all the time. But here he is again in another post.

As you may or may not know, I am a BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS Robert Pattinson fan.  So, you can imagine how ecstatic I was when it was confirmed that he’d be working with David Cronenberg on Cosmopolis here in Toronto. I think I actually jumped up from my lying position in bed, and scared the living crap out of my husband when I heard the news.

One of the pics I took the first time I laid eyes on Rob

Since then I’ve been to the “set” a total of 5 times. I have had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on that beautiful man each of those times. My husband hasn’t been too amused about it but he’s managed to come to grips with the situation. The other day, someone asked me if I’m tapping into my inner teenager. At first I was a bit offended but then I started thinking about that question. Have I been getting in touch with my inner teenager? So, as usual I started to make lists in my head to either support or deny this. Continue reading