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The Book Barista Reviews: Ravage by Tillie Cole

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Title:  Ravage

Series:  Scarred Souls, #3

Author:  Tillie Cole

Release Date:  August 16, 2016

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ISHO Summary

Taken by the Jakhua Clan as a teen, 194 was stripped of his name, his identity, and his freewill, meticulously honed to be a ruthless, soulless killing machine, trained solely to spill blood and stop hearts. This is a role he resents with every fiber of his being, but one he embraces to gain back the precious leverage the Georgians wield as their weapon of control: his younger sister, 152.

Mzia Kostava is in shock. After fleeing her mafia family’s massacre in Georgia as a child, Mzia lives in secret, hiding from her enemies in the dark shadows of Manhattan. At age twenty-five, believing all her family is dead, word reaches Mzia that her brother Zaal is very much alive… and living with their family’s greatest enemy: the Volkov Bratva in Brooklyn.

Yearning to be reunited with her beloved Zaal, Mzia risks her safety and anonymity for the brother she had mourned since childhood. But just as she reaches Zaal’s apartment, Mzia is seized and taken captive by a strange man, who is strong, dark, and brutal… Unyielding, he demands her utter obedience as he locks her away in darkness. He is highly skilled in torture and inflicting pain, and demands to know everything about her brother Zaal and everything about her. He is a man that’ll do anything to get what he wants.

Sometimes love requires the sacrifice and betrayal of those held most dear. But is finding one’s true love worth committing the greatest sacrifice of all?



I look at pictures and videos of Tillie Cole and I ask myself how such a seemingly sweet girl could possibly come up with the darkness that I’ve read in her books (this series and the Hades Hangmen series). Then I ask myself why I love her books so much. With each story she weaves a  world of so much darkness and pain but through all that she allows hope and love to flourish. I do believe this is the reason why I love her books.

I felt so much for these characters.  I can’t say much without spoiling the book but I will say that 194 aka Valentin and Zoya have endured so much pain and fear in their lives.  The circumstances that brought them together are not at all romantic but somehow out of the torture and pain they fall in love.

As always, it’s always so good to connect with characters from the previous books in the series and after reading this book I’m left waiting for the next book.

I gave Ravage four hot, strong espressos.  I feel that I need to explain that the only reason that this book did not get five coffees from me is because some of the scenes were a bit difficult for me to read.  I think I was suffering a bit of anxiety reading this book.  I’m happy to say that I read through my anxiety and loved this book and the characters.

four espressos


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Note: I received this ARC from the Publisher/NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Cover Reveal: Deep Redemption by Tillie Cole


Tuesday 12 July 2016




Tillie Cole hails from a small town in the North-East of England. She grew up on a farm with her English mother, Scottish father and older sister and a multitude of rescue animals. As soon as she could, Tillie left her rural roots for the bright lights of the big
After graduating from Newcastle University with a BA Hons in Religious Studies, Tillie followed her Professional Rugby player husband around the world for a decade, becoming a
teacher in between and thoroughly enjoyed teaching High School students Social Studies before putting pen to paper, and finishing her first novel.
Tillie has now settled in Austin, Texas, where she is finally able to sit down and write, throwing herself into fantasy worlds and the fabulous minds of her characters.
Tillie is both an independent and traditionally published author, and writes many genres including: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Young Adult and New Adult novels.
When she is not writing, Tillie enjoys nothing more than curling up on her couch watching movies, drinking far too much coffee, while convincing herself that she really doesn’t need that extra square of chocolate.


The Book Barista Reviews: Reap by Tillie Cole

The Book Barista logoTitle:  Reap

Series:  Scarred Souls, #2

Author:  Tillie Cole

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ISHO SummaryRaised as a prototype for the Georgian Bratva’s obedience drug, 221 fails to think, act, or live for himself; he’s his master’s perfectly-crafted killing puppet. Standing at six-foot-six, weighing two-hundred-and-fifty pounds, and unrivaled in to-the-death combat, 221 successfully secures business for the Georgian Mafiya Boss of NYC, who rules the dark world of the criminal underground. Until his enemies capture him.

Talia Tolstaia dreams to break from the heavy clutches of Bratva life. She dreams of another life–away from the stifling leash of her Russian Bratva Boss father and from the brutality of her work at The Dungeon, her criminal family’s underground death-match enterprise. But when she stumbles upon her family’s captive who is more monster than man, she starts to see the man underneath. A powerful, beautiful, damaged man whose heart calls to hers. But sacrifices must be made–blood for blood…life for life…souls for scarred souls.

isho-my-opinion2When I saw that this book was being released I was super excited about it.  I had read the previous book in the series and absolutely loved it.  I was quick to request this one from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

221 was taken from his family at a young age and used as an experiment by a sadistic Georgian Mafiya boss.  After he’s rescued from the clutches of his “master” he meets Talia.  He’s so damaged but this doesn’t stop Talia from helping him.  When he realizes that she’s there to help him he utters four words that had me sniffling and had my heart breaking for him.  Four words that later in the book come to mean so much more.

With the help of Talia and Raze his memories come back to him.  Sadly, he remembers what had happened to his parents and siblings.  He also remembers who is family’s sworn enemies are.

I didn’t know if I was going to like this book as much as I liked Raze.  I shouldn’t have had any doubts.  To quote my book bestie “I think I like 221 more than 818.”  I know she didn’t want to be quoted on that but damn!   Tillie Cole once again sucked me in right away with these broken characters that had me seriously on the edge of my seat wondering how they would come out of this.

I gave Reap five very hot, strong and satisfying espressos.  I am definitely looking forward to the third book in the series.  August is just so far far away.

five espressos

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WWW Wednesdays: January 7, 2015


To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

Here’s where I’m at:


What I’m currently reading:

Raze by Tillie Cole

I am really enjoying this book.  It is quite dark but a beautiful love story.  I hope to finish it today.

What I recently read:

The Pact by Karina Halle

I absolutely LOVED this book!  I loved the characters and the story.  I highly recommend it to everyone.

What I’m hoping to read next:

Claiming Addison by Zoey Derrick

I came across this book by accident yesterday (release date).  I don’t usually read m/f/m books but am not opposed to it.  However, I do love a good rock star book.  Looking forward to this one.

There you have my first W…W…W… for 2015.  Now tell me yours.