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The Book Barista Reviews: Primal Force by D.D. Ayres

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Title:  Primal Force

Series: K-9 Rescue #3

Author:  D.D. Ayres

Release Date:  September 1, 2015

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ISHO SummaryJori Garrison trains dogs for Warrior Wolf Pack, which provides service animals for disabled veterans. Four years ago, she was wrongly convicted of a crime—thanks to her no-good ex-fiancé. Now she just wants to live her life in peace with her beloved dogs. No men, no complications. But it’s hard to play it cool when a lethally hot male is on her tail—and the attraction is fierce, mutual, and dangerous…


Lauray “Law” Batisse is a Military Police veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan. Haunted by the loss of his K-9 partner in combat, he’s reluctant to accept a service dog named Samantha into his life. But once he meets her trainer—the gorgeous Jori Garrison—he can’t fight his primal instincts. And neither can Jori. This sexy alpha male might be the only man strong enough to unleash her desires. And when unseen enemies start hunting them down, he and his new K-9 partner might be her only hope… to survive.

isho-my-opinion2I was pretty excited to start this third book in D.D. Ayres’ K-9 Rescue series.  I’ve been reading since the beginning and am pretty much hooked on this series.

Once again, D.D. Ayres has created a story line and characters that have you completely immersed and totally vested in their outcome.

Law Batisse is a sexy badass veteran who, against his will and at his sister’s urging, ends up with a service dog to help with his PTSD.  When he gets the dog, Samantha, he also meets her trainer Jori.  Their attraction is instant.  Although neither one of them is looking for a relationship, especially not Law, they give in to “the moment”.

Jori has just come out of prison for a crime she was wrongly convicted of and is starting a new life as a service dog trainer. She fully understands that Law doesn’t think he needs Samantha but Jori is pretty confident that if he just gives it time he and Sam will bond.  She’s also hopeful for herself and Law. I enjoyed their journey in coming to terms with what they each mean to one another.

As much as I love Law and Jori together – yes, they are hot and steamy, I totally fell in love with Samantha aka Sam.  I loved that D.D. Ayres puts in a few parts from Sam’s POV. I mean I REALLY REALLY LOVED IT!!! Sam is just doing her job and doing it well despite Law’s stubbornness.  Throw a feisty cat named Argyle into the mix and we’ve got a fantastic cast of characters.

Again, D.D. Ayres wrote a great story with plenty of intrigue and hot moments.  I gave Primal Force four delicious steamy cappuccinos.

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Blog Tour: The Book Barista Reviews A Matter of Trust by Q.T. Ruby

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Title:  A Matter of Trust

Author:  Q.T. Ruby

Release Date:  August 10, 2015

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ISHO Summary

She’s stuck in a rut, stuck in life and stuck in an elevator with Hollywood’s hottest actor. And of course she’s just come from the gym.

Claire Parelli just can’t seem to catch a break, well, except for heartbreak, that is. After a lifetime of following the rules, she winds up heartbroken, unfulfilled, and hiding from life. But she can’t hide for long.

After getting stuck aboard a broken elevator with Hollywood It-Boy, Daniel Chase, they begin a secret romance that pries Claire out of her element, out of her shell, and out of her sweatpants. But when their romance accidentally goes public, Claire’s life implodes, leaving her to choose to hunker down in the safety of her sweatpants, or risk her fragile heart on a chance at life, love, and the pursuit of better clothing.

isho-my-opinion2When I saw that this was being released I was on it like white on rice and didn’t hesitate to request an ARC (in exchange for my honest opinion, of course).

This was a quick, fun read for me.  The characters were extremely likeable, even the secondary ones.  Especially the Fairy Slutmothers.  Come on, admit it.  We could all use a couple of Fairy Slutmothers.

Claire has suffered a bad and humiliating breakup and is in a sweatpants rut.  After an encounter in a broken elevator, with sexy British movie star Daniel Chase, she takes a chance and goes out with him a few times.  They are both funny and witty (I love their banter) and their relationship quickly grows.

Unfortunately, since Dan is Hollywood’s It Boy, their relationship (including some pics she’d rather no one see) is outed by the paparazzi and causes upheaval in Claire’s life. Not gonna lie. This caused some moments where my eyes just kind of started leaking.  Also, this is where I tell you that I wanted to throat punch her parents. Especially her mother!

Claire ends up analyzing her life and questioning some of her decisions.  She makes some tough choices and I was right there cheering her on.

I truly enjoyed this book and look forward to more from Q.T. Ruby.  I gave A Matter of Trust four delicious cups of java, served up with a bowl of Lucky Charms.

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ISHO Excerpt

He nods. “Fair enough. So . . . when might I see you again?”

See me again? With a cautiously optimistic smile, I say, “You’re the one flying across the country. You tell me.”

“Well, I leave for L.A. after some meetings tomorrow, and my schedule is insane this week, but I believe I have a couple of days off at some point coming up in the next couple of weeks. I forget the exact dates. Anyway, maybe we’ll see each other then?”

“But you’ll be in L.A.”

“It’s not that far by plane.”

I shake my head. “I can’t call out of work.” I won’t blow off work to take a trip. Not for a guy. I’m smarter than that.

He nods. “Maybe I’ll fly back, then.”

My heart launches into my throat. “You’d fly back to see me? You must have a million girls at your disposal on the West Coast.” I’m teasing—sort of.

“True . . . but I’m running out.”

I laugh, enjoying how quickly he can make me laugh. “Oh, so I guess it’s time to move on to the East Coast women?”

He peers down at me through his long lashes, his full lips tugged up on one side. “Or woman.”

My heart flips and flops in my throat, but I won’t let myself buy it. “ ‘Woman,’ huh?”

He rolls his eyes. “Claire, really, how many women’s bedrooms do you think I just hang around in?”

I raise a “do you really want an answer?” eyebrow.

He shakes his head and chuckles. “For your information, if I was merely here for one thing, I’d have had you undressed long ago.”

I raise my eyebrows, smiling. “You think so, huh?”

“Yes, I do. I’m just . . . too polite.”

“Too polite?” I nearly bust out laughing.

“Or maybe I’m just an idiot.”

We both burst into laughter, releasing the tension in the room, and that’s when our eyes lock, speaking the same language, craving the same thing. The atmosphere shifts once again, this time instantly growing tight and thick with heat.
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ISHO Author BioDaydream believer and homecoming queen, Q.T. Ruby, can now add writer to her resume, which includes thinking in song lyrics. She began her writing career as a child, channeling her ideas into songs she wrote and performed for a bedroom full of Barbies and stuffed animals. She now serenades her children with her songs, like “Just Eat What’s On Your Plate” and “You Are the Cutest, but Pick Up Your Stuff.” Q.T. Ruby loves her mom’s homemade rice pudding, pizza and movie night at home with her family, and is lucky enough to teach middle school in Connecticut where she was born and raised.

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