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So many books…!!!



As someone who has a very, very, very long to read list (1,884 at this moment.  DON’T JUDGE ME!) I sometimes have a really hard time deciding what I will read next.

Sometimes it’s a no brainer.  For instance, if a book is released and I have been waiting for it for a while or I’m super excited about it, I will just ignore all other books, sometimes even putting the one I’m reading aside and dive right in.  Kristen Ashley books are definitely this for me.

Other times it’s a painstaking exercise of going through my to read list to try to pick one that strikes my fancy, or it’s a group decision made with my book besties so we can read it together.

I’m curious.  How do you choose what you’ll read next?  Do you follow your to read list or just pick at random? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!

remember me

Robert Pattinson in Remember Me:  Is he having trouble choosing a book?


Robert Pattinson from Vanity Fair photoshoot: Looks like he found one.


*Note:  Robert Pattinson pics found on Google.

Faces I Love!!!

isho - rant


Every now and then I need a little something to make me smile.  Thanks to my Second born I now have these photos that she’s taken of herself and our cat.  These really made me laugh and laugh.  I loved them so much I just had to share them with everyone.

Everyone that knows me has seen countless pics of my cat with her “resting bitch face”.  Well, here are a few more.  These are different though.  Second born has decided to mimic MuiMui’s facial expressions.  The quality of the pics is not great but these are priceless to me.  These are two faces that I love!!!!



*Pics are courtesy of Second born and are being used with her permission.

Is Being a Fangirl Hereditary?

I’m a Fangirl! I always have been.  I probably will always be. I own it.  First there was Duran Duran and John Taylor during my high school years. In my late teens and very early twenties there was a local band called Images In Vogue and the lead singer Dale Martindale. Not too long ago there was Twilight and Robert Pattinson.  Yes, I know that I have just dated myself and possibly given away my age.

Recently my second born, who is now fourteen, has become enamoured with a young Canadian artist named Shawn Mendes.



Click here to see the new video for Mercy

An opportunity to see him perform in a small intimate setting came up and she was super excited. Sadly, there was a  catch.  You could not buy tickets. You had to line up at a popup shop where the first 30 people in line got a ticket to the show and a meet and greet with the boy himself. Because I am a fangirl and I totally get it, and because she’s a good student and a good girl, I told her she could miss a day of school to line up for tickets.

The plan was that she would stay at my sister’s place and my sister would drive her over to the popup shop location at 6am [My sister really is the best aunt EVER!]. THAT was the plan.  The plan got blown to pieces when fans tweeted that there was already a line up starting and that people would be lining up overnight.

She asked me to please let her camp out overnight. I wasn’t keen on this idea because she’s only fourteen, because she’d be doing this alone as none of her friends’ parents would let them go, and because she’s my baby!  As I waited for my husband to get home so I could discuss it with him she managed to find a Twitter friend who was going to camp out.  I didn’t like it but I understood it.  Could we let her do this?  We decided to go scope it out, see what the crowd was like and then make a final decision.  After forcing her to listen to “my rules” she packed up extra sweaters, a blanket, a book and some snacks and off we went.

By the time we got there, according to the tweets, there were 20 people in line already.  Her friend had not shown up yet and I was very reluctant to leave her there alone.  The thought of staying there with her did cross my mind.  Don’t think it didn’t!  My sister came by since she doesn’t live far and brought her a couple of camp chairs, so she could sit comfortably. [Have I mentioned that she’s the best aunt?] Her friend then showed up and she seemed to be a very nice quiet girl.  Later, the daughter of a friend of ours also showed up.  I now was able to leave her there.  It wasn’t easy but I did it.

I wondered if I was being too lenient a parent and if I was doing the wrong thing.  At one point, my husband looked to me and said “You realize that we just left our fourteen year old daughter on a sidewalk, where she will sleep all night, in downtown Toronto?” *gulp* What I said to him was “You know, when she’s my age, she will look back and she will remember this moment as a fun thing she did”.

She made it through the night and the full day.  She managed to be among the first 30 people so she got her ticket and she will go to the meet and greet.  I’m so excited for her.  I’m also surprised at how brave she was.  I would not have been willing to do that alone.  I guess she’s a bigger fangirl than I am. 😀


RARE15 – Montreal

RARE15 banner

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending RARE 15 in Montreal.  For the past few months my cousin Stella and I had been looking forward to this event.  I’m not gonna lie.  I had been fangirling a little bit about meeting some of my favourite authors.  Ok…not a little bit.  A LOT!!!

The fun started as soon as we arrived in Montreal (after a long six hour drive) on Friday.  Although only Stella and I were going to the event, we made this weekend a girls’ weekend away.  We had a great dinner, hung out at a street festival/rave for a little bit, then headed to the hotel lobby bar.  A few good things happened there:  we watched the Blue Jays beat the Yankees; I met up with my friend Neda; I met up with my dear friend Jen, whom I hadn’t seen in a few years; and we met Lesley Jones.  It was so nice to meet Lesley.  She was really good about us telling her that she was the devil for making Stella cry while reading Carnage [Note:  Unlike myself, Stella never cries].  This was meant as a compliment.  I hope she understood that.

The day of the event arrived and I was pretty damn excited.  I was going to RARE15-Montrealmeet some awesome authors and get some of my favourite books signed. Squeeeeeee!!!

The highlights for me were meeting: Jennifer Probst (she was so friendly and lovely), Laura Kaye, Lesley Jones, T. Gephart, Christina Lauren, Alice Clayton, Ruth Clampett; Daisy Prescott, Shay Savage, J.M. Darhower, Sarina Bowen and of course Helena Hunting!!! (Who both Stella and I love to death!!!)  As an added bonus, I got to meet Nina Bocci who was at the event representing Sylvain Reynard.  Everyone was just so incredibly nice.

Sadly, I didn’t get to meet Tillie Cole because I had a brain fart and didn’t check her off on my list.  Also, I didn’t meet Elle Kennedy who just happened to be at the event but I didn’t find out until much later.  Next time ladies. Next time!!!


Photo credit to Sara Eirew

The event was well organized and seemed to have a pretty good attendance. The room was large enough that it didn’t feel at all crowded.  Overall, it was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again. Thank you to all who worked really hard to make this an enjoyable experience for us readers.

Of course, it’s always awesome to be able to get away with friends for good times.  Thank you to Stella, Sandy, Maria, Nicole, Tatyana and Chelsea.  You ladies rock!!! The weekend was great and I had a lot of fun.  There will be some things that will always remind me of this weekend in Montreal:  dog whisperers who are also lady whisperers; lots and lots of tattooed men and manbuns; hottie in the white shirt with the wrong jeans; men wearing sailor gear *shudders*; Bitch Pudding and Cunt Face…don’t ask! You really don’t want to know. 😉

Now I’ve Seen Mr. Grey!

Mr. Grey Will See You Now

Yesterday, my sister-in-law Lori and I had the opportunity to watch a preview screening of Fifty Shades of Grey (thanks to Linda Barnard of The Star – you can see her story here).

I think anyone who knows me knows that I loved the Fifty Shades Trilogy and have always been a supporter of the series, even at times feeling like I’ve been a defender of sorts.  [just for the record, I haven’t liked the feeling of always seeming to be defending the book/fic/movie].


To put it simply, I loved the movie! It was everything that I expected and then some. Now let me break it down for you in point form:

  • Jamie Dornan did a fine job of capturing Christian Grey’s intensity. He’s a very serious guy who once in a while let’s you get a peek at his sense of humour.  And damn! That man is hot! I know quite a few ladies that I will be watching this movie again with that really wish that Charlie Hunnam had stayed on as Christian Grey [let it go!].  All I would say to them is go watch it with an open mind and give Jamie a chance.
  • Dakota Johnson nailed it as Anastasia.  I think the fact that all the “holy cows” and “holy shits” and inner monologues were left out of the movie allows her to come across as more mature.
  • There has been lots of talk of their “lack” of chemistry.  I disagree.  I thought they worked well together. And yes, I’ll say that the sex was steamy and hot and that there was lots of it [even though I’ve read some reports that it was tame].
  • The screenplay writer was true to the book and did not deviate much from what was written.  I liked that!
  • The soundtrack for this movie is phenomenal! Annie Lennox’s I Put A Spell On You is….GAH! I LOVE IT!!!! The Weeknd has two songs in it.  Frank Sinatra.  The Rolling Stones. Ellie Goulding. That’s just to name a few.  I’m definitely buying this soundtrack!

There has been lots of talk of Fifty Shades being abuse.  As I watched this movie I tried to be objective and look at those scenes and consider whether or not it could be abuse. Honestly, I could not make the connection.  Ana makes informed decisions as to whether or not she wants to be with him right to the end of the film.  Yes, he’s controlling and yes he’s a bit of a stalker.  He’s also a fictional alpha male character who is a multi-millionaire and used to getting his way.  At the end of the day, Ana is the one who holds all the cards.

Unlike some people, I will not judge you if you’ve truly hated the book and/or the movie.  That’s your choice.  Therefore, I request the same respect from you. Don’t judge me because I’ve liked these books and loved this movie.

I’m going to see this movie again tomorrow on a girls’ night out.  CAN’T WAIT!!!


So many things to be thankful for!



Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada.  I’m not sure why our Thanksgiving is on a different date than for our American friends but it is what it is.

Aside from wanting to wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a minute…or five to think about all the things I’m thankful for.

First and foremost, I’m thankful for my family, immediate and extended.  I do have a great family, if I do say so myself 🙂

  • My husband is… extraordinary, stupendous, phenomenal [Note: He’d have to be to put up with the likes of me]. I could go on but I will spare you.
  • My girls (aka First and Second born) are smart, funny and beautiful. I’ll love them forever!
  • My mom is Wonder Woman! That is the best explanation I can give. I am always in awe.
  • My sister is the best sister ever. I love her, my brother-in-law and my niece and nephew to no end.
  • My in-laws (all of them, including my two nephews) are all amazing [I feel very lucky to have such great in-laws that I love to death —  Mother-in-law included!].
  • My Cosin, NO, I did not misspell that (it’s an inside joke), is awesome. OCH!!!

I’m thankful for having such great friends.  As one of my oldest friends always says, “Friends are the family you choose”. I love my real life friends and am lucky to have them.  I also love my “virtual” friends: my Brit friends, my book bestie and the Unicorn Riders. You ladies put a little fun into my everyday.

I’m thankful for having relatively good health, I’m working hard at taking my meds the way I’m supposed to [This is easy for most people but for some reason this is a real task for me].

I’m thankful that both my husband and I have jobs that we enjoy. Jobs that allow us to have a beautiful home, food to eat and all the good things in life that we enjoy. This includes all the books that I love to read and chat about.

I’m sure there are so many other things that I’m thankful for that I’m forgetting to mention here – I’ll probably remember them all as soon as I post this.

Last but not least, I’m thankful for you. YES, YOU! The person reading this.  Thank you for reading my posts. Thank you note

Happy Thanksgiving!!!