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Faces I Love!!!

isho - rant


Every now and then I need a little something to make me smile.  Thanks to my Second born I now have these photos that she’s taken of herself and our cat.  These really made me laugh and laugh.  I loved them so much I just had to share them with everyone.

Everyone that knows me has seen countless pics of my cat with her “resting bitch face”.  Well, here are a few more.  These are different though.  Second born has decided to mimic MuiMui’s facial expressions.  The quality of the pics is not great but these are priceless to me.  These are two faces that I love!!!!



*Pics are courtesy of Second born and are being used with her permission.

Wordless Wednesdays

Photographs by Andy Prokh




Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes things are black and white.

Black & White cats

Black and White Kitties

sr by paul reitz

Stuart Reardon by Paul Reitz

*All pics found on Google Images

Wordless Wednesday

I’m so ready for Spring! Are you?


Kitty stopping to smell the roses…no wait…the flowers.

chad pool

Chad White…wet…in the pool…(photo by Mert & Marcus)