Is Being a Fangirl Hereditary?

I’m a Fangirl! I always have been.  I probably will always be. I own it.  First there was Duran Duran and John Taylor during my high school years. In my late teens and very early twenties there was a local band called Images In Vogue and the lead singer Dale Martindale. Not too long ago there was Twilight and Robert Pattinson.  Yes, I know that I have just dated myself and possibly given away my age.

Recently my second born, who is now fourteen, has become enamoured with a young Canadian artist named Shawn Mendes.



Click here to see the new video for Mercy

An opportunity to see him perform in a small intimate setting came up and she was super excited. Sadly, there was a  catch.  You could not buy tickets. You had to line up at a popup shop where the first 30 people in line got a ticket to the show and a meet and greet with the boy himself. Because I am a fangirl and I totally get it, and because she’s a good student and a good girl, I told her she could miss a day of school to line up for tickets.

The plan was that she would stay at my sister’s place and my sister would drive her over to the popup shop location at 6am [My sister really is the best aunt EVER!]. THAT was the plan.  The plan got blown to pieces when fans tweeted that there was already a line up starting and that people would be lining up overnight.

She asked me to please let her camp out overnight. I wasn’t keen on this idea because she’s only fourteen, because she’d be doing this alone as none of her friends’ parents would let them go, and because she’s my baby!  As I waited for my husband to get home so I could discuss it with him she managed to find a Twitter friend who was going to camp out.  I didn’t like it but I understood it.  Could we let her do this?  We decided to go scope it out, see what the crowd was like and then make a final decision.  After forcing her to listen to “my rules” she packed up extra sweaters, a blanket, a book and some snacks and off we went.

By the time we got there, according to the tweets, there were 20 people in line already.  Her friend had not shown up yet and I was very reluctant to leave her there alone.  The thought of staying there with her did cross my mind.  Don’t think it didn’t!  My sister came by since she doesn’t live far and brought her a couple of camp chairs, so she could sit comfortably. [Have I mentioned that she’s the best aunt?] Her friend then showed up and she seemed to be a very nice quiet girl.  Later, the daughter of a friend of ours also showed up.  I now was able to leave her there.  It wasn’t easy but I did it.

I wondered if I was being too lenient a parent and if I was doing the wrong thing.  At one point, my husband looked to me and said “You realize that we just left our fourteen year old daughter on a sidewalk, where she will sleep all night, in downtown Toronto?” *gulp* What I said to him was “You know, when she’s my age, she will look back and she will remember this moment as a fun thing she did”.

She made it through the night and the full day.  She managed to be among the first 30 people so she got her ticket and she will go to the meet and greet.  I’m so excited for her.  I’m also surprised at how brave she was.  I would not have been willing to do that alone.  I guess she’s a bigger fangirl than I am. 😀


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