The Book Barista Reviews: Rival Forces by D.D. Ayres

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Title:  Rival Forces

Series:  K-9 Rescue, #4

Author:  D.D. Ayres

Release Date:  May 3, 2016

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Rival Forces

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When it comes to training K-9 patrol dogs, Yardley Summers always trusts her instincts. But when it comes to dating men, she keeps her heart on a very short leash. Mostly, she’s too busy with her four-legged trainees at Harmonie Kennels to commit to a relationship. Only two men have managed to distract her: a handsome Doctors Without Borders physician who’s suddenly gone missing—and the red-hot dog trainer from her past who’s suddenly back in her life…

Now a K-9 rescue team leader, Kye McGarren has never forgotten the days he trained at Yardley’s camp—or the nights he spent in her arms. When he hears that Yardley is on a mission to find the missing doctor, Kye is determined to keep her out of danger. With his K-9 partner by his side, he joins Yardley on a death-defying mission—one that reignites their mutual passion. Will Kye be able to rescue his romantic rival…without losing the woman he loves?


I’ve been reading about Yardley Summers from the beginning of this series and I knew her story was going to be a good one.

From the synopsis you know that there were two men who meant something to her.  One is missing and the other one is back from the past. Kye, the man from her past, is going to help her find out about her missing “boyfriend”.

I need to say right now that I love Kye.  Big, sexy, Hawaiian and a K-9 search and rescue team leader.  I thought he had a great sense of humour and did I mention sexy?  I was anxious to find out why Kye had left Yardley all those years ago.

I already liked Yardley from the bits and pieces we got of her in the other books.  She is one tough lady.  Even when she was in trouble she was no damsel in distress.

Just like the other books in this series, D.D. Ayres puts the story together with enough mystery and intrigue to keep you riveted.

I cannot complete this post without mentioning the dogs in this book.  Lily, a Nova Scotia Toller, is probably the sweetest dog ever.  Picture her draped over the shoulders of the big sexy Hawaiian man. Yeah…that’s exactly what I thought:  Amazing!!!  Then of course, there’s Yardley’s dog Oleg.  Oleg is a Czech Wofldog.  He’s a little bit scary and a whole lot amazing.  I’m sure you’ll want to do what I did and head on over to Google to get visuals on these amazing dogs.

I totally enjoyed Rival Forces and gave it four exceptionally delicious cups of coffee.  I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.

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OH!!!! One more thing.  Do yourself a favour and check out this male hula performance. (just click on the pic)

male hula 3

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Note:  I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.












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