The Book Barista Reviews: Return of the Bad Boy by Jessica Lemmon

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Title:  Return of the Bad Boy

Series:  Second Chance, #4

Author:  Jessica Lemmon

Release Date:  April 26, 2016

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Return of the Bad Boy


ISHO Summary

He’s a mess…

Asher Knight has three constants in his life: music, beautiful women, and a bottle of Jack. He lives for the next gig, the next city, and dreams only of a life spent in front of an arena full of screaming fans. But Asher’s nomad ways come to a sudden stop when he learns he’s the father of a three-year-old from a past relationship and suddenly this rock star bad boy is forced to put down roots.

Only she can clean up

Gloria Shields is no one’s fool. Sure, the sexual chemistry between her and Asher has always been intense, but she’d never risk giving her heart to a man who has a perfect record for breaking them. Except the man desperate to make things right with his newfound son is nothing like the rock god she’s guarded her heart against for years. And it isn’t long before she starts to wonder if life with this bad boy might be the best thing that’s ever happened to her.


From the beginning of this series we’ve been teased by Asher and Gloria.  We knew there was something there but Jessica Lemmon made us wonder and wait until now to find out exactly what’s going on with them

Asher was the typical bad boy rock star until he finds out he’s a father and then he realizes that his relationship with his son is important at the same time he realizes he wants Gloria too.

Gloria is a strong and successful woman who is so used to fending for herself that she really doesn’t think that a relationship and love is in her future.  They’ve had encounters in the past but things did not end well. Lucky for Gloria, Asher isn’t about to give up on her.  He recognizes that they’re good together (not just in bed) even if she doesn’t.

It was also really nice to see characters from the other books and to see where they were at.

I really enjoyed Asher and how he convinces Gloria to give them a real shot. It was exactly what I hoped it would be.  Asher did not disappoint and of course neither did Jessica Lemmon.  I gave Return of the Bad Boy four hot and steamy cups of java.

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Note:  I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.


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