The Book Barista Reviews: Rocked by Love by Christine Warren

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Title:  Rocked by Love

Series:  Gargoyles, #4

Author:  Christine Warren

Release Date:  March 1, 2016

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Rocked By Love

ISHO Summary

Bestselling author Christine Warren returns to the secret world of gargoyles-where legends come alive, and lovers are caught between a rock and a hard place…

Kylie Kramer knows that she’s putting her life in danger when she decides to investigate her friend’s mysterious death. What she doesn’t know is that she’s being watched over by a powerful protector. A legend in stone who has defended humanity throughout the ages. A rock-hard savior who swoops down from the sky, scoops Kylie into his impossibly strong arms, and draws her into a world that no mortal woman can imagine…or resist.


As the strongest of the gargoyles, Dag is sworn to destroy the demons that threaten Kylie’s world before returning to his stony slumber. But the burning desire she ignites in him is even harder to fight-an all-consuming force that, once unleashed, can never be tamed. As their passion grows, so do the ranks of a demonic army plotting to take over the earth. When the ultimate battle begins, Dag and Kylie must face some demons of their own-to carve out a love that’s stronger than time…


This is the fourth book in the Gargoyles series.  I’ve been patiently waiting for this to be available.  As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE GARGOYLES!!!  I especially love Christine Warren’s Gargoyles.  They are total sexy alpha males.

In my opinion, you definitely need to read the other books in this series before this one.  Each book adds a layer to the battle that will eventually take place.  The author has built a world where evil darkness is so close at hand.  Only the Guardians and their Wardens can save humanity.  Each of the books has it’s own battle with the darkness but each one escalates in intensity.

I really enjoyed Dag and Kylie.  Dag, of course, is sexy and like the other Guardians takes a while to adjust to the lingo of this day and age.  Couple that with Kylie’s Yiddish and it’s pretty funny.  I learned a lot of Yiddish from this book and I loved it.

It was nice to see the characters from the other books again but my favourite secondary character was King David the cat.  He was a pretty awesome cat.  Basically a stray that comes in for frequent visits and has his own chair.  He also was quite the hero in one scene.

This series has been pretty steady and enjoyable.  I gave Rocked by Love four cups of strong and sweet espresso.  I definitely look forward to what comes next in this series.

four espressos


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