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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending RARE 15 in Montreal.  For the past few months my cousin Stella and I had been looking forward to this event.  I’m not gonna lie.  I had been fangirling a little bit about meeting some of my favourite authors.  Ok…not a little bit.  A LOT!!!

The fun started as soon as we arrived in Montreal (after a long six hour drive) on Friday.  Although only Stella and I were going to the event, we made this weekend a girls’ weekend away.  We had a great dinner, hung out at a street festival/rave for a little bit, then headed to the hotel lobby bar.  A few good things happened there:  we watched the Blue Jays beat the Yankees; I met up with my friend Neda; I met up with my dear friend Jen, whom I hadn’t seen in a few years; and we met Lesley Jones.  It was so nice to meet Lesley.  She was really good about us telling her that she was the devil for making Stella cry while reading Carnage [Note:  Unlike myself, Stella never cries].  This was meant as a compliment.  I hope she understood that.

The day of the event arrived and I was pretty damn excited.  I was going to RARE15-Montrealmeet some awesome authors and get some of my favourite books signed. Squeeeeeee!!!

The highlights for me were meeting: Jennifer Probst (she was so friendly and lovely), Laura Kaye, Lesley Jones, T. Gephart, Christina Lauren, Alice Clayton, Ruth Clampett; Daisy Prescott, Shay Savage, J.M. Darhower, Sarina Bowen and of course Helena Hunting!!! (Who both Stella and I love to death!!!)  As an added bonus, I got to meet Nina Bocci who was at the event representing Sylvain Reynard.  Everyone was just so incredibly nice.

Sadly, I didn’t get to meet Tillie Cole because I had a brain fart and didn’t check her off on my list.  Also, I didn’t meet Elle Kennedy who just happened to be at the event but I didn’t find out until much later.  Next time ladies. Next time!!!


Photo credit to Sara Eirew

The event was well organized and seemed to have a pretty good attendance. The room was large enough that it didn’t feel at all crowded.  Overall, it was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again. Thank you to all who worked really hard to make this an enjoyable experience for us readers.

Of course, it’s always awesome to be able to get away with friends for good times.  Thank you to Stella, Sandy, Maria, Nicole, Tatyana and Chelsea.  You ladies rock!!! The weekend was great and I had a lot of fun.  There will be some things that will always remind me of this weekend in Montreal:  dog whisperers who are also lady whisperers; lots and lots of tattooed men and manbuns; hottie in the white shirt with the wrong jeans; men wearing sailor gear *shudders*; Bitch Pudding and Cunt Face…don’t ask! You really don’t want to know. 😉

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