The Book Barista Reviews: Angel in Armani by Melanie Scott

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Title: Angel in Armani

Series: New York Saints

Author: Melanie Scott

Release Date:  December 30, 2014

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ISHO Summary


Sara Charles is striking out on her own. With her dad out of commission, Charles Air has only one helicopter left—and only Sara to fly charters. With the family business in jeopardy, Sara needs all the clients she can get and the newest one is New York Saints team surgeon, Lucas Angelo. When an unexpected flirtation escalates into a night of pure blind passion, Sara is in agony over what she believes was extremely poor judgment on her part. She wants nothing more than to avoid Lucas. And keep her business her business. But she needs him—in more ways than one.


But there is a catch: Lucas also needs Sara. Spring training is upon him, and his schedule is madness. So he asks Sara to be his personal pilot. It’s an offer she can’t refuse. She intends to keep him at arm’s length—especially when she discovers just what different lives they have. Little does Sara know that, for Lucas, the only thing more important than business is pleasure. He only plays to win. And he intends to hit it out of the park…


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.  I had read the first book in the series Devil in Denim and was looking forward to reading this second book in the New York Saints series.

Sara is a helicopter pilot chartered to fly Dr. Lucas Angelo to an event. A storm strands them together which results in a night of hot passion.  Unfortunately, circumstances for Sara are such that she has to leave Lucas without saying goodbye.

Lucas can’t stop thinking about her and he and the New York Saints (the baseball team that he and his two friends own) decide to hire Sara as their helicopter pilot.

Unlike Sara, Lucas knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go get it.  Sara, on the other hand, is not so sure.  They have different lifestyles and she can’t seem to stop dwelling on that.

I really did enjoy this story and these characters and ss always, it’s nice to visit with old friends (characters from the previous book).  I gave Angel in Armani five delicious cups of coffee and am definitely looking forward to book three Lawless in Leather.

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  ISHO Author Bio

I was born in Melbourne, Australia but grew up in the country surrounded by green rolling hills and many cows. Melbourne got me back for university and I’ve been a city girl ever since. Mostly in Melbourne, a brief sojourn in London. My life, apart from the day job, revolves around books, writing, the odd sewing, knitting, spinning or quilting binge and taking orders from my feline overlords.

My two great reading loves have always been romance and fantasy. I grew up reading Tolkien alongside L.M. Montgomery and Susan Cooper, Diana Wynne Jones and David Eddings mixed with Heyer, Austen and all the Harlequin and Loveswept books I could find. So I guess it’s inevitable that I wound up writing books that incorporate both genres.

I’m currently writing a contemporary romance trilogy for St. Martin’s Press.



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