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ISHO Summary

Aubrey and Daniel’s vow to pursue their dangerous romance despite university regulations takes them down a path of secrecy and lies. With only six weeks left to the end of term, they’re under the constant watch of David Grant—Daniel’s “Dean of Students” father. If that weren’t enough to pressure them, Daniel’s checkered past also casts a shadow over the young lovers who continuously tempt fate until one wrong move leads to an inevitable disaster. Can they salvage a relationship when everything seems to be conspiring against them?This is book two in the Words Series and continues where The Weight of Words left off.

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Having read and loved The Weight of Words (the first book in this series), I was anxious to see how Aubrey and Daniel deal with their relationship without breaking the university rules and without letting anyone find out about them.  Easier said than done.

I found myself holding my breath at times, afraid for them.  So much is at stake: Daniel’s career and Aubrey’s reputation.  That said, I absolutely loved their times together.  Daniel is the sweetest most romantic guy EVER!  Even when he’s not with her he lets her know that she’s always in his thoughts and heart. He is just….SWOONY.  Is that even a word?

This would be a good place to put in a visual for Daniel (thank you to Georgina Guthrie for making this my Daniel)


*sits and stares for a while* um….where was I? Oh…right.  Now imagine Shakespeare’s words coming out of that mouth.  You cannot read this and not fall in love with The Bard’s words. They are almost their own character.

As for Aubrey, I loved her too.  She’s smart and intelligent. I love the banter between her and Daniel. I feel for her because it’s not easy having to stay away from the man you love.  The sexual tension between them is off the charts.  All in all she handles it quite well.

I gave this five delicious cups of café latte with lots of yummy whipped cream on top.

five caffé latte

ISHO Excerpt

“Now what’s that smile about?” Daniel asked, standing behind me and wrapping his arms around me.

“I was just thinking about how much I love your forearms.”

“You do?”

“Uh huh. They’re very furry.”

He chuckled. “No one’s ever told me that before. Why am I picturing cavemen?”

I smiled and turned around. He leaned against me, pushing my lower back into the counter.

“I happen to find it very masculine,” I assured him, swirling my fingers in the hairs peeping out of the top of his T-shirt. “I like this too, though,” I murmured, dropping soft kisses along the expanse of smooth skin between the stubble on his throat and his chest hairs.

“So do I,” he said, claiming my lips and kissing me deeply, his tongue working its magic as it moved against mine, turning me into a puddle of goo.

I tried to talk between kisses. “We probably shouldn’t do this right now—”

“Aubrey, Patty’s snoring. It’s nice not to be outside or in my car, don’t you think? Throw me a bone.” He kissed me again, moaning quietly against my lips.

“I’ll give you a bone, all right,” I teased.

“Too late. I think you already did,” he said, smirking as he took in my superior smile.

“Not exactly a newsflash.”

“What, and you’re completely unaffected?”

“Did I say that?”

He cocked an eyebrow. “Typical country weather down south?”

I moved in close to his ear. “Typical English country weather.”

ISHO PlaylistGeorgina Guthrie was nice enough to create a fantastic playlist.  For my American friends that would like to listen to it please click here.  [Sadly, Spotify doesn’t work here in the Great White North.]





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