The Book Barista: Cupcakes and Ink by Helena Hunting ARC Review


I was very happy to get this ARC from NetGalley.  Release date is scheduled for February 3rd.


Cupcakes and Ink

Tenley Page is looking for a new start: a new city, a new apartment, a new life. Her plan is to keep to herself and stay focused. But leaving her past behind and starting over isn’t as easy as she thought. And neither is maintaining her solitude. As Tenley settles into her new surroundings, she finds herself drawn to Inked Armor, the tattoo studio across the street. But it’s the gorgeous, dark-haired tattoo artist who captures her interest. There’s something about his severe beauty that captivates her—and not just in her waking hours.

Covered in the ink he inscribes on other people’s skin, Hayden Stryker has made a career out of being a tattooist. He’s got his own business and a tight circle of friends. As far as he’s concerned, that’s all he needs. At least until his aunt, who owns the antiques and used book store across from his tattoo studio, hires a new employee. At first his intrigue is based on physical appeal; hot chick equals something nice to look at. But as he begins to catch glimpses of the fiery personality under the fragile, feminine exterior, his fascination with Tenley grows. Annoyed by his inability to control his fixation, Hayden decides the best way to cure him of the new obsession is to get to know the girl under her skittish façade.

But like the ink he wears as armor, Tenley has the ability to get under his skin and stay there.


This is a short novella, which is a prequel to Clipped Wings. It gives us a little bit of insight into both Tenley and Hayden’s first few encounters.

Tenley watches Hayden from her apartment window across the street from the tattoo business he co-owns.  She can’t help but be mesmerized by his good looks.

“Beyond the eyebrow ring and the ones piercing the left corner of this bottom lip, the first thing I notices was his eyes.  They were astonishingly blue.  Not a sea blue, or a sky blue, or even a grayish blue.  They were icy and pale and shockingly intense against his dark hair and thick dark lashes.”

Hayden also is taken by the new girl. He can’t stop thinking about her.

This is a great sneak peek into Tenley and Hayden and leaves us ready and wanting more from them in Clipped Wings.

I definitely give it five steamy cups .


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