Tantalizing Tuesdays: Alexander Skarsgard

Hello Tuesday!!!!

If you’re over 18 and want to see the pics for this week’s Tantalizing Tuesday, then click the link below to continue.  Consider yourself warned!

Whether or not you watch True Blood chances are you know who Eric Northman is, which in turn means you know who Alexander Skarsgard is.  He is just yummy.

Name:  Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgard
Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
Birthday: August 25, 1976
Height: 6 ft. 4.5 in.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Shoe Size:  13

Alexander is a Swedish born actor.  He comes from a family of actors.  His dad and three of his brothers are actors.  Alexander is best known for his role as vampire Eric Northman in True Blood and for his role as Meekus in Zoolander.  He’s actually been in so many movies I can’t list them all here.  He was also the boyfriend in Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi video.

I also read that he served in the Swedish military for 18 months.  Alex…soldier’s uniform….YES PLEASE!!!!


Looking quite pensive here.


Wow! This pic works for both Debbie (the hat) and W4R (black t-shirt).


*points to myself* Sucker for a hottie on a bike!!!

Actor Alexander Skarsgard attends the 2012 RomaFictionFest closing ceremony held at Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome

I like the suit…the black shirt…the scruff!!!!


Those eyes and that scruff REALLY work!


How can you not love this ad for True Blood?!


I’m thinking this is one of my fave pics. Is that sweat???!!!


Oh hello biceps!!!


I love his neck! What?! …. I like necks.


Looking every bit the fashion model.


Ohhhh…don’t mind if I do!!!


He most definitely is a hot man who reads!!!

Here is the teaser for next week’s post:


*All pics found Google Images.

**Writing4Roses is kind enough to sometimes look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts (and to add the odd witty comment every here and there).

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2 responses to “Tantalizing Tuesdays: Alexander Skarsgard

  • kitt

    hey T!

    HELL YEAH!!!!

    I’ll you, he had to grow on me. I didn’t immediately take to him as Eric on True Blood. But then I started looking at pictures of him and loved them.
    I think he would have made a fine Mr. Grey. I hope he has an opportunity to play a similar, romantic lead, nonvamp role upcoming!

    • Stefter

      I agree that he might’ve made a good CG. I wasn’t a big fan either until season 2 of True Blood, when he said “Is there blood in my here?” Classic Eric!!!

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