The Book Barista: Nutella The 30 Best Recipes by Ferrero

Logo I know what you’re thinking.  This isn’t the type of book I usually give my opinion on.  That said, if you know me, you know how much I LOVE Nutella so it’s a no brainer that I would talk about this book.

Nutella book

“From irresistible macaroons to tasty cheesecakes, discover new ways of using, cooking and enjoying Nutella with 30 mouthwatering recipes. 30 delicious recipes in a Nutella-shaped book for all the fans of the famous spread:

– little individual sweets: from a revisited version of bread with Nutella to Nutella and banana tartlettes
– generous Nutella cakes to share: cake roll, Twelfth Night cake or even a Nutella charlotte.
– creamy, ‘must have’ recipes: mousse and little cream
– surprising recipes to impress both young and old: macaroons, caramelized hazelnut stuffed truffles, little mango egg rolls.”

Thanks to my sister, I just got an advance copy of this book.  I’m giddy just looking at it.  The book is shaped like a Nutella jar [how clever and cute is that?!]

This from the press release:

“Nutella is perhaps the world’s most famous chocolate and hazelnut spread.  Sweet and rich it is divine on toast for breakfast, in a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, and as a topping to a favorite dessert.  But Nutella, surprisingly versatile and easy to work with, can do even more than most realize.”

I couldn’t agree with this statement more.  NUTELLA JUST MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER!!!!!

A few of the recipes that I want to try right away are:

  • Mini Nutella Croissants
  • Banana and Nutella Milkshake
  • Nutella Panna Cotta
  • Nutella Clusters

I will be making future posts about these recipes as I try them out.  Stay tuned 🙂

The expected publication date for this book (which will also be available as e-book) is August 20, 2013 according to Goodreads.

I’d say this book is a must-have for all Nutella lovers!!!

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