Tantalizing Tuesdays: Daniel Conn

It’s Tuesday, my almost favourite day of the week!!!

If you’re over 18 and want to see the pics for this week’s Tantalizing Tuesday, then click the link below to continue.  Consider yourself warned!

Daniel Conn is another one that I found in the course of my “research” 😉 He’s too sexy to not share with you.  He is also “Hottie B” from the poll I ran a couple of weeks ago.

Name: Daniel William Conn
Birthplace:  Goolma, New South Wales, Australia
Birthday: February 14, 1986
Height: 6 ft.
Eyes: Brown or Hazel (not 100% sure)
Hair: Brown
Shoe Size:  I have no idea 😦

Daniel is a model and former rugby player in the National Rugby League.  He was forced into early retirement in 2011, at the age of 25, when he received a sever neck injury that required surgery.


Naked for a cause? Hmmmm….


Very nice jaw!!!


I have to say it. Hello biceps!!!


Whose idea was it to strategically place that ball there?


You just know there are some nice pecs under that shirt.


I’d happily sit on the beach to watch him surf.


Gotta love the B&W pic.


Looking sexy on the runway.


This must be a much more recent pic as there seems to be a lot more ink.


Very nice pic.


um……I….no words.


I know it’s not a great pic but damn! Looking good on that bike!!!!

Here’s a teaser for next week’s post:


*All pics found on Google Images

**Writing4Roses is kind enough to sometimes look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts (and to add the odd witty comment every here and there).

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