Tantalizing Tuesdays: Matt Loewen

It’s Tuesday. Which makes it OK that it’s not Friday.

If you’re over 18 and want to see the pics for this week’s Tantalizing Tuesday, then click the link below to continue.  Consider yourself warned!

I discovered Matt while doing “research” on someone else.  I immediately knew he was right for TT.

Name: Matt Loewen
Birthplace: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Birthday: 1986
Height: 6 ft  2 in
Eyes:  Blue
Hair: Blonde
Shoe Size:  11

Matt is a Canadian model [I feel the need to stand up and sing ‘O Canada’ right now] [W4R:  There ya go, Stefter… sing to this LOL].  Matt Loewen has modeled for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Espirit, H&M, to name a few.  Apparently he’s best known for his facial scruff and tattoos.  That makes perfect sense to me. 🙂


Beautiful Eyes!

[W4R: I don’t know about you guys… but I sure wasn’t looking @ his eyes! LOL]


That sweater looks warm and toasty. Do you think he’d mind if I snuggled in?

[W4R: Oh my… I like this picture!  Maybe because it’s a little Edward Cullen-ish.   Who’s with me? Anyone?]


You gotta know when to hold him…oh…I meant hold ’em.


Hmmmm…he was shaving…is that his underwear on his shoulder?

[W4R: Thanks for pointing out those were his undies… I thought it was toilet paper LOL]


Looking good in the suit.

[W4R: Ooo… sexy!]


Look how much win in this pic! Scruff. Smoking. Motorcycle. Check. Check and CHECK!!!!!!!

[W4R: Oh daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayummmmmmmmmmm….. I likey!]


I’m ready for my close up. Close up to him….RAWR!!!!

[W4R: Liking the intensity in this pic!!]


I dooo like this pic!


….adfjhtuw4aeopjhg…. *THUD*

[W4R: Whoa, Momma!]


I like him in those jeans. I’m sure W4R likes the black leather.

[W4R: Oh yes… yess… yes…..  I mean, yes it’s great!]


It would be rude of me not to say “Hello biceps!”

[W4R: We talk to biceps a lot here. Nothing wrong it it… just sayin’! ;-P ]

Teaser for next week’s post:

Instead of just posting a teaser pic for next week’s post, I thought it would be a great idea to let you decide who next week’s hottie would be [Actually, I need to give credit for this idea to Carrie.  This was her brilliance.  I loved the idea.  It’s a good way to mix things up.]  All I need now is for you all to vote in the poll so that I have someone to feature next week. [W4R:  What a great idea, Carrie…. but goodness… how to decide?!?!  What do y’all think?]

TT poll Jun-4-13

*All pics found on Google Images

**Writing4Roses is kind enough to sometimes look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts (and to add the odd witty comment every here and there).

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