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The Book BaristaI would say that this blog and reading are my hobbies.  Oh, and drinking coffee, too!  If only I could make a career of these things, my life would be perfect.  Well….almost perfect.

That said, I was thinking (I know some would consider this a dangerous activity) what if I incorporated my hobbies?  What if on Thursdays (my Tuesdays and Wednesdays are taken) I just let you know what I’m reading on my Kobo that day?

Taking into account my love for this blog, my love of books and coffee, and my love for sharing and recommending the books I’m reading with my friends (and anyone else who is willing to listen), W4R and I came up with the name Book Barista.  I’ll try to post this every Thursday just to let you all know what book I’m enjoying.  I’ll be doing this for no good reason other than because my mama taught me to share.

Now, I’d love to sit here and write an intelligent and witty review for each book but….that’s just not me.  I’ve read some people’s book reviews and figured that no matter what, I’d never be able to write a book review like that. (Just for the record: that’s not to say that I am not intelligent and witty ;))  I will leave all the reviewing up to the professionals, the lovely ladies at Bookish Temptations and The SubClub Books.

Also, every now and then, me and a couple of my book buddies (ie, W4R and Carrie) might get up to “chatting” about a book.  Give you our thoughts and opinions on books we’ve read together.

I know you’re only used to seeing hot sexy guys from me but there really is more to me.  I’m all about hot sexy books, too!!! 🙂

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