Rosie’s Ransom: Happy Birthday, @Stefter!

You’re 21!!!! … Right?!

*taps mic* Is this thing on? *hears feedback* Yep, still workin’!

Guess what, you guys?!  A little birdie told me its someone special’s birthday!  Guess whooooo….. *looks up at post title*  Oh… LOL

Yeppers!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to give her a special shout-out until… well, now.  Yes, I realize her birthday’s almost over… in a few hours!  LOL  It’s the thought that counts right? So here’s a few gifts because I suck and can’t afford to actually get her anything in RL LOL

I showed Stefter some love earlier on FB with this gem I made for myself on my birthday… it’s the gift that keeps on giving! #Truefax

Here’s another Rob gem I created… I love these things! ❤ *re-reads card* Don’t ya just hate it when that happens? *sulks* LMAO!

What else does Stefter love…. DUH!  Nutella!

So, yeah, I got these for you:

Of course I ‘made’ you some cupcakes…


And of course they’re made with Nutella!


I ‘picked up’ this vat of Nutella for you… hope that’s OK!


And I figured… while I was at it, I’d replenish your stash!



Since you had an amazing cake earlier this evening… while don’t you wash that down with an amazing ice cream sundae! It’s alright, girl, go ahead!  It’s your birthday! *<;o)


Oh… yes, and one more thing…

Robert Pattinson is ready & waiting… just for you…

David Gandy is waiting for your call! Won’t you call him? 😉

They’d both to offer their help in feeding you some of that ice cream… maybe you can share? LOL


*looks around innocently*  Waaaahhhhaattt?! 🙂


In all seriousness, I hope you had a fantastic birthday!  You deserve it!  Thank you for your friendship and your trust in me for helping you with your site.  I always have so much fun [even though, again, I suck and haven’t helped until after the fact lately!! LOL]  You’re my girl and you always have my back & I’ve got yours!  Alright, alright… I’m taking this cheese-fest elsewhere! *</;o)


*All pics from Google Images.

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