Wordless Wednesday

I know this is “Wordless” Wednesday but I just can’t not say anything here.

He’s stunning. He’s absolutely STUNNING! S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!!!!!

I don’t even understand how he gets more and more beautiful every time we see him *swoon*

The New York Stock Exchange has NEVER looked this beautiful.

He was awesome on The Daily Show!!! The ice cream idea was cute and funny.

*all pics from RP Life

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7 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  • shay

    If there was ever a time to be wordless. The boy looks good. I guess thats what happens when you lose about 90 pounds. (She looks to be about that much.)

    I loved the daily show. Jon did right by rob. He got it out there. Did a few jokes then it was done.

    But that MOTHER FUCKER on GMA! Can i junk punch him. I was out raged. That was robs 1st time on there and i hope its his last. Not cool. As a fan, i dont want rob to talk about his personal life. I know most of his fans wannt that for him.

    Lol so much for wordless wednesday. My rant is over. I sure hope cosmopolis shows in my theatre. I just got my copy of bel ami.

    • Stefter

      I haven’t watched the GMA interview yet but I have heard about it. I’ve PVRed it so I will watch it tonight.

      • shay

        I cant wait to hear your thought on it. Some people said it wasnt that bad. I thought it was just wrong how gorge went on. Trying to get him to talk. Rob had to get defensive, well, as defensive as he could w/o being rude.

        You see, i cant be at things like that. I wouldvve made a big ole ass out of myself ranting outside the window. While the whole interview was taking place. They would have arrested me. Lol

      • Stefter

        It’s ok! There’s a bail fund set up somewhere for that kind of thing 😉

  • Tamie

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  • Debbie

    OMG!!! What on Earth was Kristen Stewart thinking????? You don’t cheat on perfection like this!! He is beautiful! I feel 18 again!!! Ugh marry me!!!!

    P.S. I almost peed on myself when Jon Stewart said “boy your better off, kick her to the curb!!!”

  • kiTT

    Praying for a photoshoot before his hair gets lopped off for mission blacklist. Ok so I pray for other things whrre Rob is concerned but I’ll leave thrm out…for now.

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