Tantalizing Tuesdays: Kenneth Guidroz

It’s Tuesday!!! It’s Tuesday!!!  It’s a Special Edition of Tantalizing Tuesdays.

If you’re over 18 and want to see the pics for this week’s Tantalizing Tuesday, then click the link below to continue. Consider yourself warned!

Kenneth Guidroz was brought to my attention by my friend Shay.  She posted a very yummy pic of him on Twitter which lead me to thinking that he should definitely be featured on Tantalizing Tuesdays.

I started following him on Twitter and spoke to him about getting his bio/info. I thought that a Q & A would make this a special TT post since he was so sweet and willing to help me out. Lucky for all of us, KP was willing.  I’ve been very excited about this post for the last couple of weeks.

Name: Kenneth Paul Guidroz (his friends call him KP)
Birthplace:New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Birthday: October 7, 1984
Height: 6ft 2in
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Shoe Size: 13

If you want more info on Kenneth, follow these links.  He always posts new HOT pics.

Questions & Answers with KP!

Q:           It’s plain to see that you workout and I thank you for that.  How often a week and for how long do you workout?  Is it fun for you or is it a pain in the ass to get to the gym?
A:            Well, you’re welcome.  I like to show it 🙂  I workout 5 days a week for about 3 hours in the mornings.  It used to be a pain but once you begin to see the progress it becomes your lifestyle.  It’s now something I don’t even think about doing.  It’s automatic now.  It’s fun some days and, of course, you have the days you’re not into it.  But, I must say I can’t live without it.

Q:           In many of your photos you are practically naked (by the way, we appreciate that around here!).  Do you find it difficult to let go of your inhibitions or is it something easy for you to do?  If you do find it difficult at times, what are some techniques or tricks you use to psyche yourself up for a photo shoot like that?  (i.e.: focusing on something else or somewhere else).

A:            Honestly, I was fortunate enough to get hooked up with one of the best photographers in this industry (Rick Day).  I did my first nude (photo-shoot) with him and since then I have no problem being naked in photos.  But, it has to be the right photographer.  I’m totally comfortable with my body.  Of course, I still think about it but I just ignore myself 🙂

Q:           I’m a big fan of tattoos!  Of all your tattoos, which one is most meaningful/special to you?  Also, do you think you’ll get any more?

A:             I have two tattoos actually that’s equally important to me.  I have my Mom’s name on my forearm and my son’s name on my chest.  I would die for the both of them as they mean the world to me; they are why I do what I do.  And, no, I don’t have plans on getting any more tattoos.  As of now…  LOL

Q:           What are your biggest turn-ons and turn-offs?
A:            My biggest turn-on is a woman who will walk around the house in a pink thong.  Just a pink thong.  Of course, it has to be the right woman 😉  And in public, a woman who can rock the shit out of a T-shirt and jeans.  [She has] medium to long hair, beautiful eyes, tanned skin, 5’5″ to 5’10”, sexy build with a nice Halle Berry ass.  Perfect.  Women with a passion and goals.  Turn-offs are loud women, women who talk about themselves constantly, dirty nails, money hungry.  Women that don’t respect themselves, [or have] low self-esteem.

Q:           I noticed that on your Facebook page and your Tumblr blog under your name you have listed that you are a ‘Model, Actor, Father, Decision Maker.’  I clearly get the model, actor and Father parts.  Would you elaborate on the “Decision Maker” part?  I found that an interesting statement.

A:            We all make decisions in life.  So what I mean by it is: I love pressure, I perform better under pressure.  I actually would rather be pressured.  I guess it’s the athlete in me.  I would always want the ball when the game is on the line.  I love the spotlight and I like to be the decision maker in tough situations.  You just have to want to be the best.

Q:           I don’t think you know this, but I LOVE Nutella!  It’s one of my guilty pleasures.  So, this is a two-part question.  Do you like Nutella?  What is your guilty pleasure?

A:            I don’t like Nutella and my guilty pleasure would have to be porn.  I LOVE to watch porn, but only certain scenes LOL

Q:           I’m blushing as I ask this, but what is your favourite position?  Yes, I did just ask that and yes, enquiring minds want to know.

A:            No shame in my game, [my] favorite position is hands down: doggy style 😉

Q:           You’ve said that you’re an actor.  What might we have seen you in so far or do you have any projects lined up?  Also, do you have a preference for TV, film or stage?

A:            No big acting roles yet but I promise it’s on the way.  It’s something I’ve always thought of doing.  But you may have caught me on this Season of “Tough Love New Orleans” on VH1.  I was on the first episode, which aired about a month ago.  I would much rather be doing film.  I wanna be on the big screen with the big timers 🙂  And I will get there.  You can bet your last dollar.

Q:           Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?  Do you see yourself doing more modeling, acting or are there other avenues you’d like to pursue?

A:            In 5-10 years, I honestly hope to be well into modeling and already have made a big impression in the acting world.  I hope to be financially stable, for the most part, but still striving for more.  I hope to know my direction fully by then, even before.  Later I would love to be a film producer or director.

Going my way?

[W4R:  Mmm-mmm!  He’s going places!]

[W4R:  Ladies, he’s a lover, not a fighter!]

[W4R:  Loving this picture!  It’s soo… natural & organic how the sunlight is coming in through the window.  And he looks hot, too… that totally helps of course! LOL]

[W4R:  Ooo wee!  Something about a man in a suit!  But I love this picture even more now that I know what his tattoo is all about!  Aww!]

I love the way the tattoos are peeking out of the sleeves. RAWR!!!!!

[W4R:  Ooo… I like this white-on-white look… very clean… makes me want an island vacation.  Now.]

Hot guy + bike = DEAD Stefter

[W4R:  Lookie, Stefter!  Him & a bike!  Are you in your happy place now? LOL]

The eyes…

I’d like to thank Kenneth for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions so honestly.  He was really great!!!!  Looking forward to following his career.

[W4R:  Best of luck, Kenneth!  Can’t wait to see where you go in your career, and we can sit back and say we knew you back when!]

I also want to thank W4R and Cristina for helping me out with the questions.  These two ladies make everything fun.  You girls rock!!!!

Here’s the teaser for next week:

*Writing4Roses is kind enough to look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts (and to add the odd witty comment every here and there.

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28 responses to “Tantalizing Tuesdays: Kenneth Guidroz

  • kiTT

    FAv new quote– “No shame in my game!” love it!

    hawt, hawt, hawt!
    Best of luck to you Kenneth! Since you’ve been kind enough to embrace us, we will be rooting for you and cheering your upcoming successes!


  • CrissieC

    I just wanna do dirty dirty things to that man….


  • 17foreverlisa

    *fist pump*

    Great Q&A! Loved the questions and the answers. Like kiTT, I loved the “No shame in my game” quote.

    Have to give KP a big high five on his guilty pleasure too. Something tells me our favorite scenes are different though. LOL!

    KP, thanks for being so open and for sharing more of yourself here. Now where can I find where you share ALL of yourself? *nods*


  • 17foreverlisa

    PS: Thanks to Shay for “introducing” me/us to KP (love that, but now I want to know what the ‘P’ stands for). I was so inspired, that I made up a couple of twitter avis and even tweeted Icy stating I thought he would make the perfect Taylor in FSoG. For realz.

    • Stefter

      Yes, yes, yes. I can see that…Taylor…hmmmmm. Did Icy reply?

    • Shay (@50Shayds)

      You are quite welcome. I actually found out he was modeling while waiting on my mother. I was done with my workout and i ask him where he’s been. I noticed that he wasnt here for a few weeks. (I thought, a young guy who was at the gym all the time, yeah. I thought he didnt have a job and figure he got one.) Sorry about that KP. Please forgive me. But he said he went to a photo shoot. And yall know the rest. He texted me a few pics and i put him all over twitter. Lmao!

      Yall have to know what its like here. No one here comes from money. You have to work your ass off just to get a head. I hope he dose well and makes his mom proud. We all want that for our kids.

    • Kenneth

      ‘P’ stands for Paul. My middle name.

  • Shay (@50Shayds)

    Ok where to start, the pics:
    I think the 1st one is my absolute fave. Theres something about it. It looks the most like him and theres a serene like quality about it.

    And theres the one with the white boots. I’ve teased him about it saying that they looked like hish end shrimp boots. Lmao! Only a model from south plaquemines parish can pull them off in a fashion mag.

    Now for the q’s:
    Ladies, i can a test that he does workout every m-f. I’ve been seeing/watching him for months. (I can’t believe i just admitted that) as KP & his friend came in. It made my workouts a little easier. JUST LOOK AT HIM!

    Guilty pleasures? Come on KP, EVERYONE watches, looks at or reads porn! Thats not a guilty pleasure thats a fact of life. I want a real answer.

    And you Miss Dirty Girl, im sure you were not blushing when you asked, “whats your fave position”.
    In the words Mr. David Gandy himself, as found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K4_cBPzcQo&feature=related everyone loves doggy style. God, i love that interview.

    But on a serious note, i am so proud of you KP, even though we just met a few months ago. We live in such a small town, it is hard to leave place like this. Your pics are beautiful and i hope your career soars. I am proud to call you friend. Best of luck and im sure i’ll see you at the Y.

  • writing4roses

    This post was so much fun to help with! 🙂 And I love that you’re reading all our wonderful (see: pervy) comments & actually replying to them, Kenneth!! 😉 *looks back at pictures above & goes to a special, pervy place* LOL >;-P~

  • Sandra hingle

    Hey nephew you look great love you

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