I just had to reblog this. Gina did a fantastic job interviewing Rehvenge, Vishous and Zsadist.

Bookish Temptations

***Adult Content***
How many times have you read a book and cried at the end. Not because it had a sad ending, or a great ending that had you smiling through your tears. I’m talking the ugly cry because you didn’t want to let go of the characters. Yep, I’ve been there a few times. Remember when all you could do to stay close to those characters, was read the book over and over until it fell apart? How far we have come since those days. Now, what do we do when we want more of a great book and their characters? Google it. Where is a place we can go to find more like minded people on the subject? Twitter. Combined, both venues offer many options when we want to indulge in our interests. Can’t find what you want? You can easily create a blog, or if you’re really…

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