Robsten, Nonsten, I Don’t Give a Crapsten!!!!

I know that at times it’s best to not give any credit to “crazy talk” and it’s best to ignore it but sometimes I just can’t keep my mouth shut.  [W4R:  *gasps* Oh my stars!]

It is astounding to me, that grown women, are capable of such immature and vile hatred. Hatred that they spew on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and various personal blogs.

As you’ve probably figured from the title of this post, yes, this is about Rob.  Okay… it’s about Rob and Kristen.  They were spotted (and by “spotted,” I mean that they were photographed by paparazzi) in Paris.

As is the case whenever they are spotted together, the war between Robstens and Nonstens heats up.  Generally, I tend to stay away from this drama. So much so that whenever they are seen somewhere together, be it personally or professionally, I stay away from Tumblr.  I get annoyed by the Robstens that get all gushy and freaked out because they’re together and I get annoyed at the Nonstens because…well…FACE IT!!!  It isn’t a PR stunt.  THEY ARE TOGETHER!!!! (Please note that this is just my personal opinion)

I’ll be honest here, and please don’t hate me (yes, it’s true! I don’t like being hated) I am not Kristen Stewart’s biggest fan.  I don’t think she’s a great actress.  However, I do think the girl is very beautiful and yes…if they choose, she and Rob will have beautiful babies (it’s inevitable when the dad looks like Rob).  Having said that, you don’t find me spewing hatred about the girl.

Today, I read a blog post where the writer indicates that Rob has lost fans because of his choice in girlfriend.  I don’t understand this. I just can’t get my head around it.  I’m not sure why these so-called Rob fans think they have the right to have a say in who he dates.  [W4R:  I think the only way that would happen is if they could care about Kristen more than they care about Rob, right?  I mean, if they’re truly Rob fans, they wouldn’t care– they would be happy… right?!  And don’t you remember how everyone tore apart Emilie de Ravin when they were filming Remember Me via gossip mags and his ‘fandom’?  Poor girl!  I personally think we can do better as fans!  More supportive – no matter what!]

Speaking as a Rob fan… YES!  I AM A ROB FAN AND PROUD OF IT! …in the great scheme of things, does it mater who he dates? Whether he’s dating KStew or anyone else, will that stop me from loving him?  Will that stop me from going to see all his movies?  HELL TO THE NO!!!!  In fact, I was just telling a friend today that Rob would have to be a serial killer for me to stop loving him.  Then again, seeing as I wear Rob-Coloured Glasses, I suspect even that wouldn’t be enough to make me stop (that was a joke people).

I often ask myself what it is that makes these grown women [W4R:  …and some men, let’s be honest… there are a few… out there… somewhere…] so hateful.  Is it because they wish Rob dated them instead?  Would they be happier if he dated someone else?  I suspect that it wouldn’t matter who he was dating.

The other thing I wonder about is if this sort of thing goes on in other fandoms.  I am not a part of any other fandom.  The “I Love Robert Pattinson” fandom is plenty for me.  Did Brad Pitt have to endure this when he chose Angelina over Jennifer?  (Sorry, I’m just thinking out loud.) [W4R:  Yes, actually he did.. everyone was pissed about the love triangle that was blown up to bits in the … ahh.. yes, the lovely gossip mags.]

Bottom line is, it doesn’t matter who Rob dates.  It’s no one’s business but his own.  [W4R:  Amen, sister!  Well said! *happy clapping & standing ovation*] If KStew makes him as happy as he looks in the pic above, then I’m happy for him. And if people are going to say mean hateful things about his girlfriend, then he probably doesn’t want them as fans anyway.  As a friend of mine said today, if it’s gotten so bad that people have to say these nasty things, they should all be given something to moan about in their own lives.

I’ve posted this pic just because.  HE’S GORGEOUS!!!!

*Writing4Roses is kind enough to look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts (and to add the odd witty comment every here and there).

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17 responses to “Robsten, Nonsten, I Don’t Give a Crapsten!!!!

  • Sandy

    Bah. These people are crazy. I would advise that you run. Far and fast. 😉

  • AslongasRob'shappysten

    Fab post, finally someone who speaks sense in this crazy fandom! Thank you.

  • Notebookgirl72

    I LOVE YOU for posting this. I think you are perfectly right. I like Kristen but I don’t think she’s the most talented actor either. I have seen improvement though and I do believe she’ll improve with age. I’m really hopeful for her and SWATH. However, whether I like her as a person or as an actor has NOTHING to do with her and Rob as a couple. I honestly believe that most of those people who oppose their relationship really expect Rob to come along and date them. As if, get a grip on reality. All that should matter to Rob fans is that HE IS HAPPY. In case everyone is flipping blind, he is happy when he’s with her. So let’s leave him to his OWN PRIVATE LOVE LIFE with whoever the hell he wants to date.

  • Naline

    Finally a great post! Thank you! Agree with everything you said. True Rob fans will stand by him no matter what!

  • Eileen

    Thank you for writing this. I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • CrissieC

    I’ve never particularly cared to weigh in on this argument because… well, I just don’t care… WHO he’s dating. I just care the he’s HAPPY, and if KStew is what makes him happy well then go for it dude. The boy is damn hot, he is a good actor and he can sing a pretty tune. I appreciate him as an entertainer. I do not need to get all up in his business to PROVE anything.
    People need to get a life and leave Rob to live his.

  • Robloverinmydreams

    Well said!!! Any true Rob fan just wants him to be happy and he obviously is. Leave the poor girl alone. Nothing but jealousy IMO

  • Daisylea

    Oh it happens all the time. Can’t a fan be just someone who likes to look at them in print or on screen? Similar idea when teen idols are to hide their romances cause they’ll lose fans. Oh wait. Those are tweens… Not adults.

  • Lisa

    Well said. I am too a huge Rob fan and honestly, i can give or take Kristen, mostly leave. She isn’t my favorite actress, but what say do I have in his private life? None at all. Do you think he cares who I’m dating. Absolutely not. His relationship with Kristen doesn’t affect the fact the he is extremely talented (and still super easy on the eyes). Should we care about who he’s dating? As long as no one is getting hurt, who is anyone to weigh in? I agree with CrissieC, as long as he is happy then that’s all that matters.

    Last year I went to the premiere of Water for Elephants in NYC. It was crazy but fun. I ended up meeting a group of women who have become some of my closest friends. We got separated before Rob was due to arrive. I was standing with the two amazon women (I’m only 5’3 and they had at least a good six or seven inches on me). I couldn’t help but over hear their conversation. When i say women, i mean these two were old than me, probably mid to late thirties. They discussed how they both had husbands and children at home. One of them opened her bag and smiled. She pulled out apples and said, “These are for Kristen if she comes.” The other one started laughing. There was some discussion at this time about Kristen playing Snow White and that was were my mind was heading. My thought was corrected when the woman with the apples said she hoped that she hit Kristen! The other one said she hoped to “accidentally” scratch her and draw blood. These woman were crazy! What were they hoping to accomplish by pulling this stunt? I moved away from these women and fast.

    On a lighter note, I would like to thank Steffer for writing this and explaining how so many of us feel. Also, thanks for including one of my favorite pictures of Rob ever in the article 🙂

    • Stefter

      Lisa, it really makes me wonder what those women teach their children. No one is forcing anyone to like Kristen but…REALLY?!

      • Kelly

        The same can be said for the Kristen fans who stated they wished he would die in a plane crash or cancer or aids or some other disease. These kinds of antics are on both sides.

      • Lisa

        It frightens me to death to think of what goes on in these households Steffer. Seriously, please are just nuts.

        Kelly I have heard of Kristen fans who have said he is ugly and untalented or he’s using her and riding on her fame or he needs to shower and all that jazz but to wish not just him but anyone illness or death because you don’t like them?? isn’t that a little overboard? What the heck is wrong with people? I’m afraid to even think of what goes through some people’s minds. I can’t imagine wishing any of that stuff on anyone, even if I don’t like them……but then again I’m a grown up in the real world. People are scary!

  • MrsRobinsome

    Agree wholeheartedly! I was all yeah …yeah..i stood for you too! I loved the post well done!

  • Kay

    I agree with all of this, with one caveat. I also find annoying the blind worship of Rob (Kristen too) and the UNF’ing about his naked a*s and other body parts. The collective orgasm on my timeline after the BA Belgium screenings and most of the fan reviews was over-the top. He’s the most objectified actor on the planet it seems, and not something I think women would condone re Kristen. Double standard? He’s trying to be taken seriously as an actor, don’t think that helps. We shall see when On the Road comes out. RK fans can gush all they want as long as they’re not demanding private pics,the sex tape and for Kristen to be pregnant (just as annoying). Most RK fans just love to see them so happy together, because we like them as individuals, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s coming from a place of love and admiration, not hate.

  • MelbieToast

    So well said Steff, so agree with you. I think they are a sweet couple and they obviously care about each other very much… what’s to hate? If you really love and adore this lovely man Robert Pattinson, be happy that he has found his soulmate and has a woman he loves and whom obviously loves him right back.

  • Isabelle

    Finally someone who just states it as it is! This article is perfect. I’m a fan of both Rob and Kristen and I have NEVER understood why Robs fandom hates Kristen and her fandom hates him. (not speaking about everyone here but a large majority). Seriously, look at Rob in this picture with Kristen, he is genually smiling at her. You can’t fake happiness. There’s no fucking way it’s a PR stunt and Nonstens are running out of excuses. At the same time, Robstens need to calm the fuck down. I can’t stand anymore ‘OMG KRISTENS TOTALLY PREGGO’ shit anymore. I think they are a cute couple but I think people should admire them from a distance. It’s not any of our buisness. I really do wish the best for both of them. I’m ruiting for them. Not many couples can make it in hollywood… with crazy ass fandoms..

  • Carrie

    People that hate on him aren’t really fans. I think they are just more obsessed with the idea of him. Or something. Who cares who he dates? Or any celebrity for that matter. People forgive people all the time. Get over it. A true fan should be happy if he’s happy.
    I’d like to see how these people would feel if thousands of people were saying hateful things to them and about them.
    I’m no rob fan but people seem to have higher expectations of celebs like they aren’t human or something.

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