I just had to reblog this! I love Wrath!!! He’s my favourite of all the Brothers.

Bookish Temptations

***Adult Content***

My Book Boyfriend this week is Wrath from the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

I’ve read all of the published books to date, and Wrath still remains one of my top guys out of the series…and why wouldn’t he? He’s a purebred vampire…and I love me some vampire.

Let’s start with a physical description shall we?

He’s well over 6′ tall, and we all know how much I like the tall guys, and dood is he built?!?  He’s stacked, ribbed, thick and corded, and not just above the waist…Yup…he’s got it going on in all the right places…he has longish thick, soft black hair, and green eyes that he usually keeps covered with wraparound sunglasses. He’s got a jawline that makes the gurls take notice…the kind you want to stroke, and lick. He has full lips that are meant for kissing…here…there…everywhere…Uh huh! O. And guess what?!? He…

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