I’m a ‘Breaking Dawn’ Survivor

So November 18th has come and gone and I’ve survived.  Death by Robward is always a possibility and thankfully, I’m still amongst the living. [W4R:  *Mike Newton Voice* “You’re aalliiiveee!  Alliiiveeee!” LOL]

In case you’re not sure what happened on November 18th [W4R: and are living under a rock…], The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (now that’s a mouthful) was released.

I’m not willing to admit how many times I’ve seen this movie already, but rest assured that there are many more viewings to come in my future.

Did I enjoy it, you ask. OH HELL YEAH!!!!!

We all owe Bill Condon a big debt of gratitude for doing such a phenomenal job on this movie.  This might very well be the best movie in the series.  Now don’t get me wrong, the first movie Twilight will always have a special place in my heart (as will Twilight Edward – that bouffant, that peacoat, that Volvo… GAH!!!!!!)  It just seems that there was a much bigger budget for this one and um…. we get to see Edward thrusting half-naked.

SPOILER ALERT!!!  If you haven’t watched the movie yet and don’t want any spoilers, please don’t read this next part.  [W4R: No peaking!]

When asked what my favourite part in the movie was, I’ve had to say there were three.

The first one was when Bella tries to seduce Edward by wearing the little black lingerie number and he looks over and smiles then laughs. (Excuse me while I have a human moment….*sigh*….) He is sexy beyond words in that scene.

The second one was when Edward is caressing Bella’s baby bump and realizes he can hear the baby’s thoughts.  The look of wonder on his face, his smiles (I know. I know.  Again the smiles) and Bella’s reaction to her baby’s thoughts.  It’s a beautiful scene. [W4R:  I loved that scene, it felt so honest… when he became so emotional? *clutches heart & sighs*]

The third thing would most definitely have to be Edward speaking Portuguese.  As a good Portuguese girl, hearing him say things in Portuguese was…RAWR!!!!!!!!  To quote my sister: “Mr. Pattinson is a cunning linguist” 😉 [W4R: LMAO]

I have heard some criticism of the scene where the wolves are all together and Sam is trying to force his Alpha-male will on Jacob.  I will admit that they did sound a little bit like Power Rangers but overall I thought the scene was good.  [W4R:  Wow, I was thinking Transformers LOL]  How else could they have let us in on the wolves little pow-wow?

Also, I’m loving the soundtrack for this movie.  Like everyone else, I love It Will Rain [W4R:  Oh noesss, not again! LOL ] and A Thousand Years, but I also love Northern Lights, Love Will Take You and Turning Page. [W4R:  I dig “I Didn’t Mean It” LOL]

I really do love this movie and it’s got nothing to do with my Rob-ColouredGlasses [W4R: *coughs loudly* LOL].  I’m looking forward to Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  Let the countdown to November 16, 2012 begin!!!!

Before I sign off on this post, I’d like to show you some of the other things I loved about this movie:

Rob/Edward in a tux

Edward wearing the Cullen Cuff. So damn sexy!!!!

Beautiful Edward

* All pics courtesy of RPLife.

**Writing4Roses is kind enough to look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts (and to add the odd witty comment every here and there).

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