I know what you’re all thinking: You can’t even imagine that I could be posting about some guy other than Rob. Don’t panic!!! Rob still reigns supreme in my heart but sometimes you just have to stand up and take notice of other hotness. [W4R: I’m panicking, I’m panniccccinnnnnggggg *presses Panic Button!*]

I credit @stephanieS74 over on Twitter for getting me all addicted to the hottness that is David Gandy. (just when you thought it wasn’t possible for me to become addicted to one more thing! LOL) She’s the first person I heard use the term “GandyCandy.” I give credit to whoever came up with that term because it definitely fits.

David Gandy photomontage

David Gandy is a British model/actor well-known for his Dolce & Gabbana ad campaigns. According to his profile on, he has dark brown hair, blue eyes (GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), is 188cm tall (that’s about 6’3″) and he wears size 10 shoes. [W4R: Damn! Umm.. I mean, that’s nice… Sounds nice. *looks around for Rob…]

He is the subject of a new book that was published September 2011. From what I’ve seen, there are some incredibly beautiful photographs in this book. (Um….it’s my birthday next month… this book would look fantastic on my coffee table….just thought I’d put that out there. ;))

Also, he blogs for British Vogue. You can check out his blog here, and he’s created an app called David Gandy’s Style Guide For Men.

Since this post is entitled GandyCandy, [W4R: On a side note, my computer’s spell-checker wanted me to correct it to ‘handy-dandy’ LOL] it’s only right that I leave you with some more of the sweet stuff.

D&G underwear never looked so good!

[W4R: *giggles* I can see his underpants. Me likey!]

Proof that he's gorgeous with clothes on as well

[W4R: *pulse racing, brow sweating* Waaaaiiiiitttt!!! Where’s Rob?!?!?!?!?!?! Ohh…. *fans self* thank God… LOL]

I was going to leave the post there but I just can’t!!!!!! Rob used to be a model too and he could definitely still model now if he wanted to.

And a damn fine model he would make!!!

*Writing4Roses is kind enough to look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts (and to add the odd witty comment every here and there).

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5 responses to “GandyCandy!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Maybe I should apologize??? NAAAHHHHH!! If I have to have more then one obsession I like to share with others, and David G. Is one mighty fine obsession!!

    For all the BDB and Fever readers, he is a favorite pick for Vishous *sigh* and Jericho Barrens *thud*

    Great post hun =)

  • Flame Devil (@Flame_ddevil)

    Gandylicious is my ultimate man-dream. You should check-out my tumblr page. Seriously. DG is my obsession. The man is too damn hot for his own good. And did you get to watch any interviews with him?? His voice is just as sexy as the rest of him…the man is clearly in a mission to kill me. *laughs*

    Great post!

  • Deb (SeattleChik) (@DebbieCDC)

    Well babe, if you INSIST on blogging about someone other than Rob, Mr. Gandy will do just fine, thank you very much.

    He is one hottie, for sure, and those D&G ads he does are just *GAAAAH*. Steph is a good pusher of GandyCandy LMAO. And I totally agree with her that he would be the perfect V if ever a BDB film or series is done (looking up HBO’s phone number: “guys have I got a series for YOU!!”)

    It’s only appropriate to end the post with Rob pix since he’s our model of perfection, yes?


  • Tantalizing Tuesdays: David Gandy « In Stefter's Humble Opinion

    […] I’ve actually posted about him before and often refer to pics of him as GandyCandy  Here’s his info again: Name:  David James Gandy Birthplace:  Billericay, Essex England […]

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