I’m NOT Ready For Dating!

As the mom of  a 16-year-old girl (don’t try to do the math, just pretend I had her when I was 12) I didn’t think I’d be perturbed when she started “officially” dating.  Jeez, was I wrong!!!!!

My 16-year-old daughter, First Born (as I refer to her on Twitter)!

I knew the day would come but I didn’t think it would be upon me so quickly.
I know there have been plenty of “group” dates at the movies and what not, and possibly even one-on-one dates that I was not made aware of.  I’m talking about “official” dates.  One-on-one as in ONE boy and MY daughter! *gulp*
A few weeks ago, I was asked to drop her off at the movie theatre for her “date”.  Of course, “Who’s the boy?” was my first question.  Her telling me who he was didn’t really help, although I had heard her mention him before, I did not know him and had never met him.  I drove her to the theatre but wasn’t really comfortable with it.  I didn’t like the feeling of dropping her off somewhere to meet a total stranger (well, a total stranger to me). I dropped her off and watched as she entered the theatre and walked up to a boy and hugged him.  At least it looked like she was hugging him. Then, I distinctly heard her voice in my head:  “Mooooommmmm, stop being a creeper!”  I didn’t want to be a creeper.  I told myself she had a phone to call me if there was a problem and she was in a public place.  So I stopped creeping hanging around and went home to wait for her “come and pick me up” call. [Note from Writing4Roses:  Hopefully, you weren’t doing “The Creep” LOL sorry, first thing that popped in my head when I read this LOL You’re welcome! LOL] Everything turned out fine, as far as I can tell, and I didn’t give that “date” another thought until the other night…
Once again, I’m told that she has a date.  This time the boy is picking her up at home… in a car… driven by him… OMFG!  I happen to know this boy and his family, not very well but enough to know where he lives.  Much to her chagrin, I insisted that the boy come inside to pick her up, not just wait in the car. She wasn’t too thrilled but hey… them’s the breaks. *insert evil laugh here*.
The doorbell rang and she ran to open the door to let the boy in. I introduced myself to him AGAIN, he probably didn’t remember the time we went to his house for dinner…then again, maybe he did as that was the first time he met my first-born.  I was impressed!  He was very polite.  When asked where he was taking my daughter he told me they were going go-carting.  Hmmmm…original – I’ll give him that.  I told him to have her home by 11 PM and he said he would (as if he’d say anything different).  He shook my hand and they left.  I walked them to the door and I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to see what he was driving.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The boy was driving a nice sporty Mercedes.  Apparently a graduation gift from mom and dad.  [W4R:  Damn.. must be nice!]
I watched them drive away with a bit of trepidation.  I was letting my baby go away in a car, driven by a hormonal 18-year-old boy to go God knows where….*deep breaths*. I sucked it up and went on with my evening.  In any event, I survived and he brought her home 4 minutes late! Me being the softy that I am, I let it go.
First Born’s Twitter avi

I know this is going to happen again and again.  She isn’t a wallflower by any stretch of the imagination (in case you couldn’t tell from the pic on left), not that I want her to be. I’m wondering if I’m ever going to get used to the idea of boys coming to pick her up. It’s probably never going to get any easier. Like anything else… that which does not kill me… will drive me insane!!!! [W4R:  This whole situation reminds me all of that TV show ‘8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter‘ LOL]

Hot boy!!!!

Now why couldn’t this boy pick her up for a date?!  OH!  WAIT!  NOOOOOOO!  That would just be wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels!!!!!

*Writing4Roses is kind enough to look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts (and to add the odd witty comment every here and there).

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