What The Hell Was I Waiting For?!

The first time I heard of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by J. R. Ward was from my friend Caroline.  I vaguely recall some of her tweets as she read from book-to-book.  Unfortunately, I didn’t pay enough attention and never got around to reading them myself until recently.  Besides, I was deeply entrenched in Fan Fiction hell at the time.  😉

Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Series

At the moment, the series consists of 9 books plus an insider’s guide.  Click here for a synopsis of each book.

The books are classified as Paranormal Romance.  I like to think of them as Twilight for grown-ups.  Don’t get me wrong, other than the main characters being vampires and that each book is essentially a love story, that’s where the Twilight similarities end.  Plenty of love, sex, and violence here.  There’s something very sexy about a big, tall, good-looking, long-haired, leather-wearing vampire with mixed martial arts skills.

After hearing about these books from so many people on Twitter, I decided to give the first book a chance.  I wasn’t convinced that I’d like them as I don’t usually go the romance route with books.  Since it was about vampires, I figured I’d give it a go as paranormal stuff is my usual reading preference.  Needless to say, it’s been three and a half weeks since I started the first book and I’m now half-way through the seventh book.  I ask myself, “What the hell was I waiting for to read these books?”  I LOVE THEM!!!!

Fan Artwork for Black Dagger Brotherhood by inmany

I am completed engrossed in these books and characters.  So imagine my surprise when I discovered this site!  You can follow all the main characters on Twitter as they “reenact” the books every Monday to Thursday at 9pm EST.  I did a little happy dance when the characters followed me back on Twitter.  I know what you’re thinking…You’re thinking that I’m insane for being ecstatic about having fictional characters following me on Twitter.  *shrugs shoulders* What can I say?  Insane and I go WAY BACK 😉

If you’ve read the books, who’s your favourite character?  Have a look here for info on the Brothers.  I can tell you that I like all the Brothers but Wrath, as big and menacing as he is, is still my fave.

I definitely recommend these books to EVERYONE!!!! Now I have to go…I have some more reading to do!

Oh!  Wait!!!!

Twilight‘s Edward Cullen

It just wouldn’t be a post from me without a random pic of the best looking sparkly vampire EVER!  This is fuckhawt about as menacing as Edward can look, unlike the Brothers who ALWAYS look menacing.

*Writing4Roses is kind enough to look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts

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4 responses to “What The Hell Was I Waiting For?!

  • Buddy

    Hi babe,

    I will be getting some of these for my b’day having found them nice and cheap on amazon. Hey, loooook, youposted one of my fave Eddie pics, nice xxx

  • MelbieToast

    Oh Steph, I discovered the Black Daggar Brotherhood series in 2010 and just loved it!! What a sexy bunch of vampires!! and great stories, period. !!

  • Deb (SeattleChik) (@DebbieCDC)

    hehehe, I love that comment “insane and I go way back” – yep, I have the same relationship with that, uh, illness LOL.

    Oh the BDB, I discovered them earlier this year and holy mother I was hooked from Book #1. I must confess my main weakness is for Rhage *sigh* – how can you NOT love a vamp whose nickname is Hollywood and goes around sucking on Tootise Roll Pops?

  • writing4roses

    You are… like… officially the 10th person to recommend these books to me, so personally I can’t wait to start reading them. Thanks for the hook-up, bb! 😉

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