All Because of ONE Book!!!

I don’t know if you know this or not but I am an avid reader.  I have been for a very long time.  I’ve always enjoyed reading about supernatural stuff (i.e.: vampires, witches, faeries, etc).  Back in 2007, it was because of my love of reading everything vampire that I ended up reading Twilight.  It was purely by accident that I picked up a book about a girl who falls in love with a vampire.  Little did I know how much this would change my world.

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

I know what you’re thinking!  How could a book change someone’s world?!  Well, when I say it changed my world, I don’t mean that it changed my life in a profound way.  Meeting and marrying my soul mate, having my children – these were profound changes.  I just mean that it opened the door for a bunch of new experiences that I would not have come across otherwise.

The first thing that Twilight has done for me is that it’s introduced me to a whole group of people who I would not have met in my day-to-day life.  I have met people who I will consider lifelong friends.  I won’t name them here but they know who they are. (*W4R coughs obnoxiously loud here* LOL)

Robert Pattinson as Edward, Art, Tyler, Georges and Jacob

Aside from meeting new people, it’s also introduced me to a certain hot, young, British actor.  Yeah, you know who I’m talking about, don’t pretend you don’t.  I have never EVER been as intrigued by an actor the way I am about Robert Pattinson!  It’s odd what I’ve done because of this beautiful boy (insert:  exhibit A).  I just think he is the sexiest man alive (I wish People Magazine would get with the program on this already)!!!!  As an actor, he’s growing and changing. He’s so much more than Edward Cullen.  I look forward to many more great things from him in the future.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

Also because of Twilight, I was introduced to the world of Fan Fiction. I like to joke that I’ve been stuck in FanFic Hell for over two years, mainly because I have almost completely given up on “real” books.  (Note from W4R:  You know the old saying… “Once you go fan fic, you never go back!”  LOL) I have read and continue to read so many fanfic stories that up until recently, I haven’t had time to read a “real” book.  When I first heard of FanFic, I was reluctant to read any of it but then a few friends convinced me to read The List by LauraCullen… and dagnabit I was hooked!  I have read so many wonderful stories written by so many incredibly talented people. If you need a fanfic story rec, I’m happy to give you a few.

The purple haired girl is my daughter.

Last but not least, Twilight has been a way to have something in common with my teenage daughter.  Just for the record: I turned her on to Twilight not the other way around.  When Twilight (the movie) was about to be released my daughter asked if she could go with me to see it.  I said yes, provided that she read at least the first book. After hemming and hawing for a while, she agreed and in the span of a week or so, she had read all four books and was very excited to see the movies.  We’ve had many a lively Twilight discussion over the dinner table, much to the excitement (pronounced: boredom) of my husband and other daughter.  In fact, just recently we shared special moments by stalking seeing Robert Pattinson on the set of Cosmopolis!  🙂

I don’t know what else is in store for me because of Twilight but I do know that I appreciate everything that has happened so far.  I welcome any new experiences that may be heading my way.
*Writing4Roses is kind enough to look over my ramblings to make sure I’m dotting all my Is and crossing all my Ts

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5 responses to “All Because of ONE Book!!!

  • Rena

    “The List” is a very good fan fic…as is “Only Human” by Amethyst Jackson, if you haven’t read that one yet. =) I know…I’m only fueling the fire.

    But yeah…Rob….SOOOOOO much more than Edward! He’s perfectly adorkable and we flove him! =)

  • Cazza

    *Coughs* lifelong friend here…

  • Debbie (SeattleChik) (@DebbieCDC)

    Hon, I totally get you. My niece gave me the books to read and I was like WTF??? This is for kids. Well, I liked the books well enough, but what truly was the ground opening up under my feet was when that cafeteria door opened in the first Twi film. My life as I knew it went out the window in a flash, so here I am today, 3 or so years down the line, and the Robsession only grows. It never wanes. The Twi part is *meh*, I mean I look forward to BD 1 and 2 only because of Rob. What I really REALLY look forward to is Bel Ami, Cosmopolis and all the great films he will make in the years to come. I’m here for the long haul baby!! LOL.

  • writing4roses

    I fought these books off like the plague. I had three friends of mine begging me to read them “you’ll love them” – umm, yeah whatever. When I finally read them, it was the beginning of the end– especially once I saw the movie for the second time (or the first time I saw Edward Cullen take ‘that girl’ to prom) LOL Yep, ever since learning about Robert Pattinson, its all been downhill since then. A very happy, horny hill LOL Anyone else just… rolling around down there? ROFLMAO

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