Nutella!  “How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.”

I’m sure that when Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote that, she never thought it would be applied to a delicious chocolate hazelnut spread.  My apologies to her.

I have a few weaknesses in life (actually, too many to mention here) and Nutella is definitely one of them.  It is one of my biggest guilty pleasures.  When I get home from work (NO, NOT EVERYDAY!!!), I love to have a slice of bread with a big glob of Nutella thickly spread on it.  IT’S LIKE MANA FROM THE GODS!!!!

My love for this chocolate-y goodness has led me to wonder about the possibilities of Nutella:

Bathing in Nutella. Hmmmm...

Would I bathe in Nutella?
As much as I love the stuff, the idea of having it stuck in nooks and crannies that I may not even be able to reach to clean makes me a little uncomfortable. How would I bathe in it without being tempted to eat it?! And wouldn’t bathing in it defeat the whole purpose of bathing?

Liquid Nutella FTW!!!

Drinking Nutella?!
At my last visit to the liquor store, I discovered this little piece of Heaven.  A chocolate hazelnut liqueur.  Does it get any better than this?!  I do believe I was giddy at the thought of drinking this.  I’m thinking I might be able to drink this by the caseload.  (Note to Self:  One should be sent to @Suzspetals– as per her request– and ONLY one so as not to alert Homeland Security as she smartly pointed out)  It can’t be bad, right?!


With Nutella?
Now, a dear friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) has recently discovered that Nutella has…um….other uses. As her husband can attest to.  Apparently, good times can be had by all as long as you’re not afraid of getting a bit of Nutella on the sheets… if you know what I mean. 😉  Nothing like a little chocolate-y goodness between the sheets. Bring it on, I say!!!!
I’m sure the possibilities are endless.  The only thing stopping you would be your imagination, or lack thereof.
Before I sign off on this post, I leave you with one more thing:

I don’t usually post manips but this is a personal fave!!! Rob and Chocolate!!!! Or… Rob and Nutella as I prefer to think of it.


* Note:  All pics were found on Google except for the Rob-manip.  Credit to whomever made that beautiful piece of art!

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