Am I Tapping Into My Inner Teenager?

I promised myself that this blog would NOT be about Rob… all the time. But here he is again in another post.

As you may or may not know, I am a BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS Robert Pattinson fan.  So, you can imagine how ecstatic I was when it was confirmed that he’d be working with David Cronenberg on Cosmopolis here in Toronto. I think I actually jumped up from my lying position in bed, and scared the living crap out of my husband when I heard the news.

One of the pics I took the first time I laid eyes on Rob

Since then I’ve been to the “set” a total of 5 times. I have had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on that beautiful man each of those times. My husband hasn’t been too amused about it but he’s managed to come to grips with the situation. The other day, someone asked me if I’m tapping into my inner teenager. At first I was a bit offended but then I started thinking about that question. Have I been getting in touch with my inner teenager? So, as usual I started to make lists in my head to either support or deny this.

Firstly, I have never done this before… OK! I lied! I did this once, way back in the day. When I was in high school and Duran Duran were in town (Shhhh… we won’t say anything about what age bracket that puts me in). Off we went to the Sheraton Hotel downtown looking for them. Not long after getting there, we got escorted out by security. We kind of stood out like sore thumbs…in our school uniforms and all. Clearly we sucked at it because they were at the Four Seasons Hotel. FYI: I cannot imagine myself doing this ever again for anyone else.

Secondly, I may never get the chance to see Rob, in the flesh, again. So I HAVE to take this opportunity. Right? God only knows if he’ll ever come back to do another movie in Toronto.

Cardboard Eddie in my family room, watching over us 😉

Thirdly, going to the set to see Rob is a natural progression in my Robsession. I’ve been perving obsessing over the Boy since November 2008.  I mean, I have a Cardboard Eddie in my Family Room!!! And just for the record, my husband is actually OK with him there. Yes, it can be quite tedious standing around for hours waiting for the Boy to come in and out of his trailer.  But damn, was it worth it!  Standing next to him while he signed my magazine was the biggest trip for me. I was completely in awe.

Lastly, I have met the most amazing group of “girls” EVER thanks to this whole thing. Fellow fans who know exactly how I feel, that are on the same page as me when it comes to Rob.  It’s so much more fun to squeeee with friends.

So, again I ask myself:  Am I tapping my inner teenageR? And the answer is:  I think I might be.  Somewhere inside me there’s a seventeen year old that is “amped” at being let out.

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7 responses to “Am I Tapping Into My Inner Teenager?

  • lindablanchard456

    It’s as if you’re channeling my psyche. Christamighty, woman, if I lived in Toronto, I would so very much be there! The way you speak so casually about seeing Rob “the first time” makes me want to faint and/or slap you silly. OWN your Lucky Bitch-ness!!! P.S., I’m 45, and I’m a card carrying member of your club. xo. 🙂 – Linda, aka Cullenboyz

  • Rena

    Squee! I’m 12 kinds of excited you’ve got to see him 5 times now!! I want to be there with you! I’m glad your hubby finally got on board. Love CardboardWard in your family room. Ssshhhh…I have two (Twi & Eclipse), but I’m single, so there’s no one here to judge me. =)

  • writing4roses

    “So, again I ask myself: Am I tapping my inner teenageR? And the answer is: I think I might be.”

    I like how you innocently capitalized the “R” in teenager 🙂 Almost like a private shout-out to Rob, maybe? LOL 😛 Cute post! 🙂 I know I’m definitely tapping into my inner teenager. I never cared so much about a celebrity/actor in my life!!!

  • Debbie (SeattleChik)

    Well hon if you are tapping into your inner teenager then you certainly are NOT alone. All of the Robsessed, to some extent or another, are tapping that inner teen — and I say AMEN. You know why? Because he makes me feel 18 again and I LOVE that feeling and don’t ever want to lose it. I totally understand you standing around on that sidewalk, since I did just the same damn thing for NYCWFE weekend — in a pouring rain all night! But OMG, it is so worth it when you end up a few inches away from him & realize that he is even more beautiful in person — and is so sweet and charming to everyone. What.a.guy…

    Now I will confess to a few stalking episodes at Bruce Springsteen concerts, but that was *meh* in comparison to hanging out & waiting on the pretty. God I hope he makes a movie in Seattle someday. I’ll take off work for as many days as I need to! And who’s up for BD1 in November??

    Love ya babe — *lifting a shot of the Goose*

  • RPattzEdgeOfDesire

    Why did you promise yourself that this blog would not be about Rob all the time? I’m convinced you have an opinion on almost everything, but can’t you consider it a challenge to #LinkEverythingToRob? I sometimes play this game with the trending topics on Twitter and it’s SO much fun! You’d be surprised to find out how easy it is.

    Example to prove it? Well, atm Champs Elysees is trending, because of the finish of the Tour de France. What do I say? In ‘Bel Ami’ Georges Duroy goes out for a drive in a carriage towards the Bois de Bologne in Paris along the… Champs Elysees! #LinkEverythingToRob See? 😉

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